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  1. Grand Scenic 2018 Stamped VIN

    Ask the Experts
    Where is the stamped VIN number on the new Grand Scenics? Can***8217;t seem to find it
  2. Positive Crankcase Ventilation/Vacume PCV VIN F9Q

    Hi All I have a F9Q Engine in a Suzuki. But they don't have the PCV in Australia and its 4-6 weeks delivery. What I'm trying to do is get from this forum a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) from a Megane 2003 - 2008 that has a F9Q engine with the attached Valve (see photo). So that I can get...
  3. Van Broke by Vin Blank

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello, Im new on here. Bought myself a lovely Trafic motorhome a few weeks ago, on a RWD chassis with petrol engine. Changed the oil, got a new mot for peace of mind, all was well until it broke down on a roundabout, on a hill, on holiday in Anglesey. Gearbox fail. So Ive joined the forum in...
  4. Laguna III - VIN Missing on ECU

    I have a handheld OBD tool, and every single device I use cannot find the VIN number on the ECU. Im just wondering if this is normal? Thanks Simon
  5. VIN Number

    Cars & motoring
    Can someone tell me where Renault hide their VIN numbers as I can't find any and they are not in the usual Clio places: behind the windscreen, in the boot next to the spare or in the engine bay, that I can find.
  6. VIN insurance

    I have a work colleague who has brought her car over from France and now intends to stay in the UK for the foreseeable future. Her French insurance is due to expire at the end of June. She is going through the process to apply for UK registration plates and MOT, but needs to insure the car...
  7. DDT2000 detecting park sensors and VIN but not finding Electronic Parking Brake

    Hi All, I've replaced a damaged cable on my 2008 Grand Scenic's electronic parking brake and I can now operate it manually using the brake handle and all looks good but I can't get rid of the nag on the dashboard that says Parking Brake Fault and the brake won't turn on and off automatically...
  8. New Renault clio incorrect vin

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all, I am new to this site < i was about to collect my new renault clio today but unfortunatly i had a call to delay my collection as my car VIN chassis number did not match the paperwork. I have no idea what this means and wonder what this means to me. I have not collected the vehicle and...
  9. Identify my engine from paperwork or vin plates?

    Hi I just posted here... in reply to an older post about confusion as to whether my W reg 1390cc which is either a 'Sport or an 'S'', is 8V or 16V. I have looked at the vin plates by the door, but can't find a reference to the...
  10. vin location Grande Scenic 2009

    Can you please let me know where the vin number is stamped on a 2009 Grand Scenic 1.5 DCI Dynamique. I know the stickers but need stamped location. Thanks.
  11. vin number

    can anyone tell me where to locate the vin number on a 99 scenic as i cannot locate it in any of the places where you would normally find it, under the bonnet under spare wheel in the boot , as Nct will not accept the badge in the windscreen or the sticker behind the drivers door pillar im at a...
  12. How to get Renault options from a VIN code?

    General Chat
    Hello guys, i am new here! I am searching all over the internet to find a solution how to decode renault VIN codes. Firstly it is very important to me! I need to get such information: manufacture date, and car options (abs, heated seats, air condition and so on...). Do anyone know how to get...
  13. Where is VIN number physically stamped onto Renault Scenic chassis?

    Hi, I am in the process of having my UK car re-registered in Spain. It is a Renault Scenic Dynamique 1.9 DCi 130. I have to provide 3 pencil-and-paper etchings of the VIN number that is physically stamped onto the chassis. (Really! This is not a joke!) The plastic sticker on the door post and...
  14. vin dilemma

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all, first timer here. Been searching q&a to see if I can see an answer to my problem but nothing that specific so I hope I am not covering old ground here. I have just imported a 2008 laguna dci 180 gt hatchback into New Zealand. Quite a mission but that's another story. I haven't seen it in...
  15. Megane 2 vin number?

    General Chat
    hello i recently bought a megane 2 which now has problems. a friend of mine has given me his clip to use but it turns out the car has had a second hand uch keys etc. i need the vin of the car these parts are from and can only get the reg. any ideas how to get the vin number from the reg? the car...
  16. Where do i find the vin number on my renault scenic auto 2000

    Just wondered if anyone could tell me where to find the vin number on my renault scenic 2000 auto gearbox please.We have had a diagnostic check on it and it has come up with a fault for the input speed sensor,we have taken the part off but the lead is 19 inches long and renault have sent one...
  17. Vin Check

    General Chat
    Hi all, Is there online a site where I can check out a chassis number.Have a combo van which I'm trying to find out the year of the chassis manufacture. There is a crossover date for parts. which seems to be contradictory, thus the need for the above:confused:
  18. Engine number from VIN code

    Sorry to bother everyone, im new, how do i get to know the engine code from the VIN No?:confused: I need a second hand engine for my car and im not sure what code i need. Thank you if anyone can help me. VIN is VF1EA0C0526645969 x
  19. Vin number not reconised

    Hi everyone, please could someone help me out!. Right replaced a engine in my 04 plate laguna dci initiale, and have used the injectors from the replacement engine. Starts up just fine, no fault codes on dash and runs absolutely fine. Took it to a local Renault specialist to code the injectors...
  20. RX4 vin number location ?

    Hi 2 all, as I wrote in the introduction section I bought a 2001 RX4 2,0 16v with a dead engine, and been busy repairing it, and now came the time to go to registration, and I can't find the VIN number in the engine compartment, neither in the cabin under the passenger seat (like other models...