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  1. Interiors
    Morning all How do I know if my car is meant to have the voice synthesiser? Its a 2005 Initale car, and I have no idea if it is meant to come fitted or not. Thanks. James.
  2. Electronics
    My car is a 1996 Laguna I with speaking onboard computer. Recently the voice computer gives false warning about the right-back door being open every time I start to move with the car. I found the Interior lightning control unit inside the driver side door, but it seems the connection form the...
  3. Electronics
    I have just bought a new Renault Megane with the R Link 2 system. Everything was working fine for the first few weeks but suddenly the voice alert warning when approaching a speed camera has stopped working. Previously, I would get a warning message 'Speed Camera ahead' and 'Reduce your...
  4. Wanted
    Hi all, Does anybody have the block connector that goes into the back of the voice computer mute switch please ? Preferably with a decent length of cable still attached. Many thanks in advance. Granvil
  5. Electronics
    I have a brand new Renault Megane S NAV 66 plate Had all speed camera warnings set up and suddenly now the voice doesn't work. Tried turning up the volume when warning flashes on dash but is still won't work Odd as it was working last week. I've checked all options are set to "On" Any ideas ?
  6. Electronics
    Has anyone experience loosing the voice of the voice synthesizer ? When something is wrong with my car now, the talking voice no longer work although the warning signs still shows in the dashboard. I checked the fuse for the synthesizer on the side of the car and it looks ok. Just wandering if...
  7. Electronics
    my Renault grand Megan r-link does not understand accurately any of my voice commands for the sat nav or the phone, is there a way of calibrating for it to understand your voice . even with the engine off and there is no noise it still picks up wrong names and addresses. thanks in advance for...
  8. Electronics
    I picked up my new Megane a couple of days ago. It's called a GT-Line in OZ, not sure if there is a European equivalent. I have been unable to get the voice recognition system to work. Whenever I press the voice activation switch the error message "Currently selected voice is not supported"...
  9. Electronics
    I have just update my rlink with s mandatory upgrade and now the voice recognition doesnt work. The file is missing. This ha happened before and I had to spend 2 hours at a dealer to reload it. Any suggestions. I'm in Australia
  10. Electronics
    I want to learn that, how to increase volume of talking computer in laguna 2.
  11. Cars & motoring
    I really wonder whether it is possible that there is no voice command button for the phone connected via bluetooth in the Renault Scenic 3 (with R-plug&Radio+)? If there really is no such button - are there any workarounds? I mean some external button that will call the phone's function to...
  12. Electronics
    Hi all, I have a 2011 Laguna III with Arkamys 3D Satnav. The radiosat system has beeb updated to the latest firmware as of today. All seems to be working well except for the occasional unpredictable disconnect. I had fitted a Sony head unit to my old Laguna and by pressing just one...
  13. Electronics
    How can i change the language on voice synthesiser and dashboard lcd from german to english in Renault Laguna 2 privilege. Also want to know if its possible to make aux on Cabasse hifi system Thanks for help.
  14. Electronics
    Recently the button you press to dial someone or access other voice activation options has stopped working. It's located on the left hand stalk, I've looked at fuses but can't see anything that looks like correct fuse? Amy help appreciated
  15. Electronics
    I have a 05 plate Laguna, quite often the voice guidance keeps cutting in and out more so over bumps, any ideas please where i can check for loose wires ect. Thanks Steve
  16. Electronics
    Hi, I have recently bought a 2002 Renault Laguna Privilege V6 that's only travelled 37,000 kms. The voice synthesiser stopped working the other day and I can't get any help from the Australian Renault agents. I need to know where the module is located. I've looked under the right hand side...
  17. Electronics
    Hello all, i`ve had my laguna for a few months and all has been well, until last week, the voice synthesizer has stopped working properly, it works when i push the button but will not alert me the lights are still on. i used to get a welcome message saying its checking systems now i get nothing...
  18. Electronics
    I have a Tom Tom Factory fitted sat nav in a Clio 3. Something hit the underside of the car the other day and the sat nav will not stop talking now even when voice is disabled. Will a battery live terminal disconnect help matters i.e.a reset?
  19. Electronics
    hi, i'm new to the group. i have just brought a laguna II dynamic and the voice synthersizer doesn't work. pulled of the speaker pannel and the speaker is there and plugged in but theres no buttons on the dash. also when i took the speaker pannel of i noticed there was two wire blocks not...
  20. Welcome to RenaultForums
    when i start the car the radio goes on to mute non satnav model but if u wobble the blue plug on back of radio it comes on it is also in mute when u put key in and have to wobble blue plug and the voice warning system not working it only bleeps any help would be help full