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  1. Waiter waiter there's a ? in my chinese

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    My chicken ball has grown eyes & a nose :surprise:
  2. Clarkson's Waiter!!!

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    This is the funniest clip I've seen for ages:d It has subtitles but the language is ripe!:eek: The link should work just by clicking on it You may have to copy and paste to your browser to see it and hope it works for you if it does I would like to hear your comments...
  3. Chinese Waiter..

    Jokes & funny stuff
    A chinese waiter complains to his boss that he has a really bad headache and would have to go home sick. His boss says that when he has a headache he goes home and makes love to his wife. The waiter agrees to give it a try. Sometime later the boss gets a call from the waiter saying...."you got a...