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  1. K4M 1.6 vvt 2006 0psi oil pressure at idle when warmed up

    Hi, My megane-s engine have intermittent power loss and while searching the cause of the problem I discovered that dephaser locking pin is not releasing below ~2000 rpm when engine is at operating temp. After that I installed the oil pressure gauge to oil pressure switch port and the pressure...
  2. Petrol smell when heaters are on an cars warmed up?

    Heating & cooling
    Recently bought another clio and all seemed fine test driving it and heaters worked no problem. But once the cars warmed up and the fans are on im getting a strong smell of petrol coming through the vents into the car?
  3. Having trouble with my car after warmed up

    Hi all. I just started to have a problem with my car. It has been running great then all of a sudden today I was driving and lost power so pulled over and the car tried to stall. Managed to get it home waited for it to cool down. Tried again ran great then after it got up to temperature it...
  4. starting problem when warmed up

    Hi I have a 2004 renault megane dynamique 1.4 deisel car that starts no problem in the morning but when i drive to town or golf course about 15/20min away turn it off, then try to start it but it wont start then leave it for 3/4 to 1 hour try again and off she goes.The thing is if i put jump...
  5. cutting out when warmed up

    :devil: hi all i have a clio 172 its an 02 plate, i bought it as a non runner and have now got it running, but it cuts out when it warms up, the tdc sensor has beenchanged as has the coil pack and leads which cured the non starting issue. its been plugged into the renault clip but no faults had...
  6. turbo will not kick in when warmed up

    hi I have a problem with my megane 11 dci AUTO l start it up and its fine,very quick,but when it gets up to normal running temp,turbo will not kick in !! when I put my foot down !! it seems to go into limp mode, no response to throttle and max speed of around 60 mph !! the orange spanner comes...
  7. Renault Master - fails to turn over when warmed up

    Hi , maybe someone might have an idea on this one. Renault Master van: Starts fine from cold. When it gets warm either just sat ticking over for half an hour or run around a bit if you turn the ignition off it won't start again until it is cold. When you try is doesn't even try to turn over at...
  8. Renault scenic megane: Will not drive forward untill warmed up

    Hi there ....... Can anyone HELP. When starting from cold my scenic wont go forwards. But after warming her up she goes forwards and drives normally any ideas would be great thanks:confused :confused:
  9. Renault Espace - Running Problem After Engine Repair

    hi can anyone help me ive just had my 2.0 16 valve petrol espace engine rebuilt as the cam belt went all valves replaced and gasket ive now got the car back and starts up fine in the morning and goes like a dream 10 minutes into driving and ive got loss of power foot down and struggling to build...
  10. 1997 Megane mk1 engine really struggling once it has warmed up.

    Hi Can anyone help. When I start my 1997 1.6 RT sport megane it runs fine (the usual noises etc 12 years old).. Once the engine is up to temperature if I have to stop the car and turn off the ignition then when I start again the car it is VERY sluggish. It really struggles to accellerate...
  11. 1.6 Multipoint Engine - Revs like mad after it's warmed up

    I have a 97 Scenic 1.6 Multipoint Fuel Injection Model which revs between 2500 - 3500 when idling after the engine has warmed up. I found a split in a hose which led from the Inlet manifold to a small flat Black Box with also had a three wire connection on it. It was marked GM. Initially it...