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  1. Handbrake issue

    change the motor and right rear caliper but still shows service and p symbol
  2. Dash Board warning lights

    My Clio is Mk3 reg 2012 recently serviced my Clio after service due light came on Didn't really need servicing as far as i could see now Spanner shape light on dashboard has come on this morning cant switch it off. I'm away from base and that's were the owners manual is, any one know a what...
  3. Rear seat belt warning wiring loom connector

    Hi Does anyone know if there is a part to repair a broken clasp connector that goes into centre rear seat belt buckle for seat belt warning system and if possible a part number. Cant seem to find it on the renault part list. Had a broken wire right on bottom of connector Renault grand scenic...
  4. 2003 clio II 1.5dci, warning lights coming on??

    Hello!! New here. Happy to have this resource to draw from and contribute to!! I am new to this car, and have been fixing issues as much as i can. The current problem that i have not been able to sort out is a number of warning lights come on at around 110-120km. Once i back off they go out...
  5. Megane 3 warning light

    Hi! I had the warning light (with the big spanner) appear on my dash recently, followed shortly after by the Toxic fume filter system light. Took it into my local garage and they sourced the problem to the coils and the sparkplugs (it had been registering a misfire). All seems fine now except...
  6. Tyre pressure warning light

    Hi there, Today i drove into a hole with 40mph left unfinished frona custruction. After that my tyre pressure warning light switched on and constantly on along with the service warning light. I tried to inflate all the tyres to the correct psi, nothing has changed. Tyre not losing ressure after...
  7. Check ingition warning when revs drop to idle and turbo stops working.

    Hi, I have a 2007 1.9 DCI Scenic. I have read lots of posts about the P0235 code (that I have) and the various causes and remedies. Haven't found a post with exactly the same symptoms. If I start the car, immediately run the revs to 1500 and move off keeping the revs up all is well. Once I...
  8. Wipers gone awry & check parking brake warning

    Car: Renault Scenic Grand MKIII 2010 plate Hi folks Having a painful time with 2010 Scenic Grand, which I bought in Nov 2018. During mid December the check parking brake warning light suddenly came on. The parking brake worked fine, tested on steep hill, so hadn't a clue what the issue was...
  9. Stop warning light

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, I was having problems with my renault trafic, overheating and not running right also stop warning light and temperature light would stay on, narrowed it down to coolant temperature sensor, changed it and it's now driving good again, My problem is the stop light and temperature light are...
  10. Battery not charging warning in cluster MK4 clio

    Hi , would you know why just started getting message in cluster display about battery not charging and battery light and stop light ... But here's the thing I start up the car fine, and the car idles for around 30 seconds and then the error comes up on the dash, not straight away when I start...
  11. Hazard warning light problem

    Hi I took my clio mk2 for its MOT recently, one of the failures was the hazard warning light switch. The garage duly replaced and fitted a new one allowing it to pass it's MOT. A couple of days later the hazard warning light has again decided not to work, any ideas on what is causing this...
  12. Renault Scenic II 2006 1.9dci Low Battery warning

    Hey! So I know I have an alternator problem but maybe the "things" that happened to me will spark an answer from you. So while driving I got the LOW BATTERY warning sign... Came home, parked car and thats that. Next day I go to my car, sit down and drive off (No Low battery error). Was driving...
  13. how to reset airbag pretensioner warning

    Hi i have an old clio II Jan/2001 x65, ddt2000 show that an error with the pretensioner , also it shows on the dashboard. usually i clean the connector beneath the driver seat and it goes for a week then comes back .. i wonder if i can reset through ddt2000. please see attachments. any help will
  14. Laguna 2 ABS warning light and handbrake issue

    Good afternoon, We've just been working on the Reno, it's having some pre-mot work done. We've fitted new drop links and the front brake disks were a bit worn. So usual job whilst in the air, put it into gear run it slowly whilst the angle grinder takes the rough edges off. All done and ok...
  15. 2004 Clio Abs warning lights

    I have a 54 plate 1 2 Clio, that brings up ABS, SERV, STOP and Handbrake lights after driving the car for 0.5mls, the sensors and sensor rings are all fine and the is no error codes coming up when live viewing faults, can anyone help?
  16. New trafic ‘check brake lights’ warning

    Hi all, My dads 2015 trafic threw up the service spanner light and ‘check brake lights’ message. There was a brake light out, this was replaced but the warning still persists. Any ideas? Cheers, Rick Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Low battery warning

    Ladies and gents Replaced the headlight bulbs today with stronger ones, thats a bit hard work as there is not much place to work while changing the bulbs. Changed all and then wanted to start the car to see if all lights were good. After i turned the key there was interesting warning " low...
  18. Scenic mk 2 steering wheel airbag warning light.

    Ask the Experts
    Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone could give me any extra ideas to remedy the issue with the airbag warning light. I asked my friend who has an diagnostic laptop to see what the fault may be, so we plugged it in and the code given indicated to the steering wheel clock squib. I got a...
  19. laguna 2 hatchback, headlights on warning buzzer

    Ask the Experts
    Hi guys, as the heading says, does anyone know where the headlights on warning buzzer is located, seems I need a new one, TIA
  20. Scenic ESP, spanner warning light. **Sorted**

    Hi I'm hoping someone might have an idea what on earth is going on with my 2009 Scenic. Last 2 mornings have been exceptionally cold (-5) and both mornings driving along and all warnings lights have come on. Dash screen changes colour and car seems to go through a "reboot". "Check ESP"...