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  1. Renault Megane wiper wash motors

    Ask the Experts
    Hi there. Now today squirted the windscreen wipers, squirts as normal and now suddenly the motor continues as if its squirting a couple of extra times before it turns off. in other words after I have left the lever go it just makes the noise ,like its still squirting 2 or 3 extra squirts. No...
  2. Screen wash

    Makes up 25ltrs and does what it says on the bottle..:laugh: say no more..
  3. Clio 3 Window Wash Pump Troubles

    So about 6 months ago I bought my very first car, a 57 reg 3rd gen Clio Dynamique and I have had nothing but trouble with it. Some of the trouble is the cars fault and some isn't. 1 thing that has been an issue since day 1 is that the the front washer and back washer appear to be backwards...
  4. Megane 3 Coupe screen wash bottle capacity

    Anyone know the capacity of the screen wash bottle? It's Not in the handbook etc
  5. Scenic II 2004 steering lock fault after engine wash

    Hello I would like please to help me. First of all I have read similar posts with this problem and I understand that maybe is the steering unit ,ecu, under the steering column fault. I think that in my situation is little different.My steering it is not locked and I can turn it complete...
  6. Clio III screen wash seems to have lost power

    The screen wash on my Clio seems to have lost it's pressure. It now barely meets the bottom of the window, whereas it used to jet right up to the middle of the windows. Makes it impossibly to clean the windows :( Someone suggested putting a pin down the hole to clear it of any debris, however I...
  7. 2008 Megane II - wiper stalk / screen wash - clean contacts?

    Hi folks I've had a trawl through the forum but can't find anyhting on this. Youtube has a couple of clips on indicator stalk removal but not on the wiper. I'm not particularily mechanically or technically savvy, but I'm happy to have an initial bash. I might learn something along the way...
  8. Megane MK3 leaks when screen wash used

    When I pull the stork to wash my windscreen water leaks from under the car and not a single drop comes out onto the screen, it does seem to be coming from the screen wash container but it only leaks when I pull the stork
  9. Laguna Screen wash bottle

    '03 Laguna Privilage Failed MOT - front light washer not working. Motor is working. What is the easiest way of getting at the bottle and tubing. Do I have to take the bumper off? Thanks
  10. Megane 3 Rear Windscreen Wash

    Hi all, Firstly, apologies if this is the wrong place to post the question, I couldn't find the appropriate topic to post under. Since buying my Renault Megane Coupe 2011 last summer, the rear windscreen wash has never worked. When operated, the pump makes a noise, however no screen wash comes...
  11. Clio 2010 Dynamique Screen Wash

    When I use the screen wash function nothing happens on both the front and rear window screens,( the screen wash bottle is full) there is no noise like it is trying to pump it through but the wipers front and back work fine, I have checked my manual and the Internet to see if the pump is on its...
  12. Screen wash issue?

    Hey guys, Seem too be having a issue with my screen wash not squirting out of the small jets properly. I can hear the motor trying too squirt the screen wash out and i can see the screen wash trickling out but it dont actually squirt onto the window screen, Just kind of slowly trickles out...
  13. Pre face lift Mk2 Clio Rear screen wash jet

    I need to replace this part and can only find the face lift part listed. Can any body let me know a part no or even better where I can get one. My son has promised not to go to Longleat again.
  14. 2005 grand scenic 1.9dci motor stop after wash

    hi guys and gals, my 2005 scenic 2 1.9dci after a motor wash stopped running, the engine was running during the wash and drove it home, it started the next morning and drove a few miles until just it wont start at all?? i have removed the ecu to check for water, replaced the...
  15. my megane 2 2004 - wash and wax

    Hello, megane 2 2004 130000km I used this proudcts : - Citrus wash and gloss + pre wash with gloria foam master 10 -Meguaires clay -Black light -Menz power lock -Menz color lock -Meguiars endurance tire gel -AF revive -CG ALL CLEAN + Pictures : All the stuff together : I am first sprayed...
  16. Non start after going through car wash

    Strange one ."2002 Megan scenic 1.9 tdci .was running fine went into car wash switch off .full works of car wash cycle finished went to restart car ,turns over but wont fire up. Got car back home left over night thinking water must have got in some where (not sure where)and caused problem? Next...
  17. Hozelock Rotating Car wash Brush

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, anyone else use a Hozelock rotating car was brush. The last time I used mine it had sprung a leak from around the blue control cap. I contacted Hozelock who said they do replacement parts which includes the blue control cap and the white assembly underneath. :) I fitted the new parts...
  18. Dead screen wash. no sound no nothing! megane 55 plate

    Hi guys, this is my first post. My megane 55 plate 1.5 dci 86 bhp had plagued me for a few months with a few problems. When i bought it 10 months ago the auto lights and wipers didnt work. The headlights stayed on all the time and the wipers wont go on Intermittent, just fast and very fast...
  19. screen wash

    is the screen was bottle under the bonnet on a 1999 clio mk2 for the rear screen aswell
  20. rear wash wipe

    hi i hope some one can help at a bit of a lose my front windows washers work fine when i pull the stalk but when i try to wash the rear window the water comes out of the front passenger jet ? rear wiper work fine its a 2001 scenic