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  1. Clio mk2 washer pump not working again

    Hi all, I had the pump replaced on my 51 plate 1.5 dCi Clio just a few years ago and it's stopped working again it seems. I'm not hearing any noise at all, the wipers just come on. I had a look at the fuses at the side of the dashboard on the passenger side and although there is suggestion on...
  2. 2016 sump plug washer

    Hi guys can anyone tell me the size of the sump plug washer on a 2016 1.2 16v clio please - i can only seem to find sizes for older models
  3. "ALIM UCH" fuse blown

    Hi, first post... help! I have a Renault Clio 2010, this afternoon while driving smoke parted pouring out from behind the dashboard close to the ignition. After some time at the roadside I managed to drive it back home as I assume whatever it was is electrical related and has probably burnt...
  4. Window washer / wipers / rain sensor

    Does anybody know what module controls the rain sensor / window wipers ? Cause it's going rather dodgy, going to top speed unnecessary often and falling asleep too often too, I would like to have the module electronics that control the rain sensor wiping updated. Can get that done in an...
  5. Windscreen washer pump

    Ask the Experts
    Only comes out back windscreen when turn on. , front do not work , cheap fix needed
  6. espace mk4 washer pump relay

    I have looked through the forums but cannot find a clear answer, but where is the washer pump relay actually located. I seem to be getting different answers to this one, washers are working but only now and again, headlamp washers not at all. on verge of giving up to be honest, any help would...
  7. Windscreen washer stuck in reverse **Fixed**

    Hi. My first post here. I recently bought a Scenic 2. For some reason the front screen jets have stopped working. When I pull on the stalk, the front wipers work, but the rear washer jet is operated, so it seems that the washer motor is stuck in reverse? Is this something that you've heard...
  8. Windscreen Washer Not Working!

    Bloody car is doing my head in now it’s problem after problem :frown2:m my windscreen washers have stopped working when i go to use them nothing happens and I’ve noticed it’s not making a noise either,is there a fuse for this as I’ve looked in the glove box and it’s not in there. Thanks in advance
  9. washer fluid not spraying

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all I have a 2001 scenic 1.6 16v the washer fluid is not coming out of the nozzles at any great force barely a whimper, yes fluid is full. if I disconnect the tube it is the same, but if when the tube is disconnected and nip the end of it, it sprays. I have tried to look for the reservoir...
  10. Washer bottle pump

    I have a 2010 Renault Clio Tom Tom and the other day the washer bottle broke. Got it fixed and then pump stopped working. I had bought a replacement second hand pump and bottle and boyfriend took the blue bit off the new one changed it. Worked fine but now again it's stopped working. Any ideas...
  11. Clio wheel bearing thrust washer?!?

    Hi guys/girls First up: 1996 Clio Phase 1 1.2 Roughly 2 and a bit years ago, I replaced the nearside wheel bearing. Bosh. Lovely. Last night I stripped it down to replace it again. 2 years is not a very good life for a wheel bearing right!! I noticed last night, flicking through the Haynes...
  12. 8Volts To Windshield Washer Pump?

    Laguna 2 P2 gives only 8 volts for the windshield washer pump. Is this normal or is the digital multimeter just too slow? Nothing comes for the headlights washer pump. Where is the fuse or rel. (lights on)? Both pumps seem to be broken.
  13. Window washer pump connection.

    Hi all. Finding this forum ever so useful so thanks. So the oddest thing happened. The other day the water pump just stopped working. Great something else wrong I have to fix. I take a look, with my very limited knowledge, and see this cable/connection has just come lose. Great an easy fix I...
  14. Washer motor-trafic

    Looks like I need to change my washer motor as it seems to be inconsistent when used.I've cleaned the system through and even bought new jets.A friend suggests the motor may be worn. How do I get to it is my question in what do I need to remove?Inner arch cover?Bumper?I can't find a...
  15. 2006 laguna 1.9dci washer problem

    Hi All Last week i started having issues with my front screen washer, no water coming out but after a while it would start running out of back. The motor was definable making the usual noise. I googled and seemed it was the motor or the valve sticking in the rear position. I ordered a new motor...
  16. HELPP, modus wipers working but washer and wiper dont work together

    long story sort, my wiper stalk has a small electrical fire. i replaced it and everything works apart from the washers. wipers work but when i pull the stalk back nothing happens no wipers or water. iv pulled every fuse in the dash and under the bonnet and cant find anything wrong. has anyone...
  17. Laguna 1 washer fluid pump

    My five door hatchback Laguna 1 facelift has windscreen washer pump that makes a noise but no water appears at front windscreen nozzles or rear tailgate nozzle. I therefore speculate that water is being pumped but there is a blockage or no hydraulic pressure in the fluid hose. The reservoir...
  18. Clio Mk 2 drivers side windscreen washer

    Cars & motoring
    Hi - my passenger side Windscreen Washer works ok but not the drivers side. I've tried poking a pin and some nylon wire down and it seems to be clear and I'm wondering what to do next ? Does the nozzle come off easily for a good clean - and more importantly is it easy to put back ? thanks
  19. Clio screen washer **Fixed**

    My wife recently mentioned that the screen washer does not work on the car. I had a look and found a loose plug on a cable that runs down the side of the washer bottle neck but I can't find anywhere where it might plug in. Is this the washer motor cable? If so, where does it plug in? (The car...
  20. Espace IV Windscreen washer fuse?

    Does anyone who which fuse it is for the windscreen and rear window washer? It's not listed in the owners handbook or shown on the fuse box lid. I think the chances are that the washer pump has gone (front bumper off?) but want to eliminate the fuse as a possibility first. Thanks in advance.