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  1. Measuring brake wear on Megane MK3 1.6

    Wheels & tyres
    Can anyone kindly tell me, how do you measure the wear and how much brake pad and disc you have left before it needs changing on a Megane Mk3 1.6? I've attached some photos of the brakes. The first two photos are the front brakes and the last photo is the rear brakes. One thing I have noticed...
  2. Kadjar tyre wear

    Wheels & tyres
    14,000 miles and the front tyres are down to 3mm using continental tyres
  3. Renault Master III Brake wear light fault

    Hi there. I have 2 Renault Master III vans and had a problem with the brake wear warning light on my 2015 165 Master. Had the warning light come up shortly after changing the pads. Tried another set of pads to fix the fault and checked all the connections back to the abs unit all was good but...
  4. Clutch wear, general question

    General Chat
    On another forum, a guy is being hammered by a car hire company for burning the clutch out on a Fiat Talento 10 seater minibus. Low mileage (less then 20K) Guy did 100miles in it, mainly on motorway. Hire company have supposedly had experts inspect the clutch and decided it was down to him...
  5. Master 2015 check brake wear light

    Hi everyone, my check brake wear light came on so I swapped all pads, and they were ready! Now the brakes are great but the spanner light and the check brake warning are still displayed, do I need to cancel the light, and if so how? Many thanks in advance
  6. Engine mount wear out symptoms

    Hello . I would like to open subject about Renault scenic mk3 1.5 Dci engine mount. Wondering how can I recognise that engine mount is due for replacement. Any ideas? Thank you for answers.
  7. Odd break disc wear

    Hi guys Looking for some advice if at all possible :) Past week or so I've noticed my breaks feel like they are warped they are brembo discs and pads 2 year old and only done 6k miles on them the out side ( view facing the road ) Is fine but the insides look like this what could of coursed...
  8. Tyre wear

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi to everyone on the forum. Could I ask if anyone one can offer some help with a tyre wear problem. My 03 1.9 Dci Laguna is suffering from very high front tyre wear. The tracking has been done, but it is still wearing the outer edge. Also the tyres are generally being worn down quickly, despite...
  9. Premature brake wear

    Hi there I am new to This forum and it's mainly to look For some Info regarding possible premature brake wear? I have a 14 plate Clio that recently had its annual service and was told I needed new front discs and pads. Only 12000 miles on the clock. Service was completed at dealership as part of...
  10. Uneven pad wear

    Hi I have just put new discs and pads on my missus 2000 Clio and noticed uneven pad wear, the pad is only contacting the disc on the top edge of the pad, this happens on both the left and right. And wondered if anyone else had the same issue Thanks rich
  11. renault scenic 2002 rear tyre wear

    Steering and Suspension
    I have a renault scenic 2002 with the the rear tyres wearing on the edges quite badly,reading through the forums it seems the axle itself is at fault from new. The front tracking was out by a mile im wondering if this could have contributed to the rear tyres wearing unevenly, anybody...
  12. Check brake wear message

    Check brake wear message appeared,so replaced all disks and pads but message still there.?
  13. Fast tyre wear

    Wheels & tyres
    I have a 2013 renault Megane coupe with 17 inch alloys the car has just done under 18,000 miles and the passenger side needs a new tyre. This will be the second ture I would have had to get on this wheel the last one I got at just over12,000 miles along with one at the drivers side. Is there...
  14. Espace IV, uneven front tyre wear- yet more!

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi folks,, twice had the tracking done, and asked MOT tester to have a jolly good look at the front end for wear, all was Ok, but, I started with the outside edge of the LH front wheel wearing very badly. Some miles (a few 1000 perhaps) I find the INSIDE edge of the right hand front tyre is...
  15. Grand Scenic Tyre Wear

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi all, it's me, back again! Sorry to bother you all again, but I need a bit of advice on a problem with the Scenic. At the last MOT, the MOT tester mentioned to us, that the front passenger tyre was wearing on the outside, and to keep an eye on it. This was August. We replaced the tyre in...
  16. New kangoo tyre wear advice pls

    Wheels & tyres
    Advice please. i hope to buy a from a dealer, a 2010 kangoo 1.6 auto ex motobiity kangoo to take my partners wheelchair in the boot. the specific vehicle has done 19k miles but the recent mot advisories read 'NSF tyre 3mm on outer treads' and ' OSF tyre 2.0 mm inner tread, balding inner edge'...
  17. Renault Clio 3 Seat wear

    I'm looking to buy a Clio 1.4 Dynamique S that I've seen, however, the drivers seat is quite worn and I was wondering how much it would cost me to fix it. See the pics I've attached. Thanks Ben
  18. Unusual brake wear on Espace

    I am starting to wonder why I even bought this blinkin Espace, finding lots of probs, anyway latest problem I have discovered is that there is unusual wear on the brake disks, anyone ever noticed anything like this on their Renault? The pics in order are rear drivers side, rear passengers side...
  19. Phase 1 Trafic Camper: Camshaft wear

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    I recently bought a Phase 1 Trafic camper (Holdsworth), registered 1990 but definitely a phase 1. It's a 2.1d engine and I've taken the head off to sort a head gasket leak. While inspecting the head I noticed that there is significant wear on the camshaft. There is a step across each cam face...
  20. auto gearbox oil wear reset software

    Sorry admin didnt realise I posted twice. Hi peeps im new to this forum and looking for some advice. I have a 2002 laguna auto and the gearbox light keeps coming up after about 2 miles of driving. I have topped up the gearbox oil and im looking to do an oil change on it. But I need to reset...