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  1. Cars & motoring
    What's the rated maximum weight a Megane III can carry? Thank you. Megane III Petrol 1.6 - 5 Door - 2009 (K4M 848) (BZ0H)
  2. Cars & motoring
    Hello, Just wondering if someone could explain the total weight limit I can put in the Pulsar. I am looking to take a camping trip with 5 of us. Looked at the vin plate. 1785 KG (Gross Vehicle weight? ) 2985 KG (Gross train weight?) 1- 1000 KG (Front axle I assume) 2- 875 KG (Rear axle) Done...
  3. Formula 1 news Maldonado said it was a huge relief to finally score his first points for Lotus in Austin - and urged the team to capitalise on that momentum over the final two races of 2014. The Venezuelan enjoyed his best race of the season in...
  4. Cars & motoring
    2010 Grand Scenic (p3) 1.5dci 110bhp privilege manual. I cant find the kerb weight anywhere. The handbook and plate on car state the maximum permissible all-up weight so this is with the passengers in i assume. But I cant find the weight of the car anywhere. Somebody said it may be on the...
  5. Formula 1 news 10kg increase in minimum car weight from 2015 was among a number of proposed F1 rules changes announced by the FIA on Thursday following their approval at a meeting of its World Motor Sport Council in Switzerland. All are subject to...
  6. Bodywork
    Greetings I've got someone wanting me to ship them a door off the Scenic I'm breaking - anyone got a rough idea of what a complete door weighs?
  7. Engines
    unfortunately my laguna had serious damage to the crankshaft wich needs replacing. I bought a second hand crankshaft but it has 190g diference in the wheight. Can I replace the original one with this one? What shoud I expect in performace? Will it be problematic to the other engine parts...
  8. Formula 1 news India's Paul di Resta faces a potential grid penalty after his Force India was found to be underweight in post-qualifying checks at Silverstone. The Scot had qualified a career best fifth for tomorrow's 2013 Formula 1 Santander...
  9. Interiors
    Hi there Trying make my Cliosport look as original and immaculate as it once did so bought a passenger seat i need pick up. (Leather/Suede) Need know the weight for courier charges. Many Thanks
  10. Wheels & tyres
    Does anyone knows of a tyres weights list ? would be good to know the weight of each tyre to help with car performance. Please let me know if you know of any links or lists on the weight of tyres. Thank you
  11. Engines
    Hi Does anyone know, approximately or exactly, what this engine weighs, with the gearbox, clutch and all its ancillary components, alternator, starter etc. Have searched for the info before posting - apologies if I missed any details already here. Many thanks in advance.
  12. Towing & Touring Club
    I have currently a Lunar Apollo caravan which has a mass in running order of 833kg and a MTPLM of about 1000kg. I tow with a renault laguna 1.8 2003 which has no problem towing. Im looking to replace my caravan and was looking at a new Elddis xplore 405 which has a MIRO of 1100 and a MTPLM of...
  13. Cars & motoring
    I have a 2000 Renault Clio 1.4 Sport. 3dr hatchback I am planning a 320 mile trip. I want to carry 4 extra passengers with a combined weight of about 60 stone at a maximum. I am worried if this is to much for the car, if its unsafe etc... Thanks.
  14. Cars & motoring
    Hi, I have a 2000 Renault Clio 1.4 sport. I am planning a trip 160 miles to get there. 320 miles in total. I want to take 4 other passengers, the combined weight will be roughly 60 stone maximum. Is this possible/safe or will my car suffer? Thanks.
  15. Exhausts
    Hi iv recently replaced the intermediate pipe on my laguna alize 1.8 and when i removed the weight from the old unit the rubber snapped away from the bracket. i rang renault and they said they can only supply the part with an intermediate pipe not seperatly. so my question is can i just leave...
  16. Towing & Touring Club
    Hello All, I have a Megane II 1.9 DCI 120 bhp model. I have been trying to work out what sort of weight caravan I can pull with the car and with me only have a B class licence. I had misunderstood the rules and thought I could not pull anything bigger then 750kgs now as i understand it as long...
  17. Transmissions
    Can anyone help.... I'm delivering a gearbox via interparcel. Just wanted an approximate weight if anyone could help? At a guess I think its around 25kg.
  18. Towing & Touring Club
    Hi, Does anyone one know the maximum towing weight for a 1995 Espace 2.1 Turbo Diesel? i am considering getting a 4 berth caravan but cannot find any details anywhere on what weight my espace will safely tow. Just wondered if anyone out there knows the figures off the top of their head...
  19. Towing & Touring Club
    am thinking of buying my 1st touring caravan, 2 berth, 15' overall, ulw 780kgs, lw 880kgs, but don't know my megane II 1.5 dci's towing limits, any one any idea please.
  20. Cars & motoring
    Hi, I have a '98 (R) Meg Scenic RXE 2.0l. Before I embark on obtaining some roof rack equipment - (some advice would be appreciated here) - has anyone out there experience of loading 80kg on top of their Scenic? Its just that I seem to remember hearing that these cars don't handle weight very...