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    Hi I have fitted a new engine to a 1.2 8v Clio ( old 1 snapped timing belt) have fitted inlet manifold and other parts off old engine to new 1 and the fitted it to car and when you start it it just revs up straight to the limiter and stays there! Pretty sure every thing is connect bk up. Anyy 1...
  2. Engines
    wen i press on the accelerator its chugging like a kangaroo , if i drive it like a pussy its fine ive changed air filter little better not much , feels like its not getting petrol or maybe too much ?? thinking coil pack ? unsure :(:( any help wud b great folks
  3. Engines
    please can some one help i have a magane but miss fires and cuts out everytime it gets hot then its runs ok wen it cools is this thermostat.problem and if so where is it thanks
  4. Engines
    i have , clio 1.4 rt T reg year 99 8 valve engine E7J ive had a few problems with this but the recent one is that wen i change gear i have loss of power then it comes on!! and loss of power at 4000 revs!!! on the ECU theres a fault code for the idle control valve could it be this??? ive tried...