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    Hello from the West Midlands, the rural south eastern corner. In process of buying a Trafic LH29 van which I will collect on Monday next. Plan is to convert this into a campervan, simple but smart and well finished we hope. Previous camper was a Peugeot Expert but we wanted something with more...
  2. Cars & motoring
    Hi, I've recently bought a renault, are there any garages in / around Leeds or Wakefield that anyone would recommend for servicing? Thanks Kevin
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    Hi, new owner Just bought a 2007 Laguna 1.9 sports tourer DCi 130 nav, got her for a one way trip to Spain in the new year,never had a Renault in all my 62yrs,but at the right money it seems ideal,got enough room for what we've to carry, so will have quite a few questions no doubt once I get...
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    Hello all dear members, I am French and moved to the UK 3 years ago. I bought a clio 2 phase 1 with only 18 000 miles automatic to move around the city. I was a previous owner of a clio 2 phase 2 drove it up to a mileages of 190 000 miles with a couples of hic ups. I joined the forum for an...
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    Hi Just bought a 2002 1.2 clio. I have owned loads of old second hand cars and have many happy memories from the Renaults, the 12 is my all time favorite car. Never owned a Clio so when one came up with recent new cambelt, clutch, brakes, tyres and mot and my Astra was giving me serious misfire...
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    Hi guys, new member from Halifax (West Yorkshire). Just bought my first ever Renault - a lovely red Grand Scenic 1.5 dCi (2005). Needs a bit of a cleanup inside but a very nice car! (Much better than my Vauxhall Zafira that I've just got rid of!) :cool:
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    Hi I have a 2004 laguna to strip for parts are there any specific forums for this please?
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    Hi all, I'm Kris - 23, from Crewe in Cheshire. I've just bought my RenaultSport 197 Clio - Don't pick her up till Wednesday/Thursday next week. She's is with black Alloys, went to see her today and I fell in love, the inside is georgous, I just could drive it as it didn't have a MOT, but...
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    Hi guys, Over on but thought I'd pop over here too. Had my 200 over a year and still loving it! Elliott
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    Hi guys I'm new to Renault cars I have owned various different cars and I'm pleasantly surprised with the car I have just bought a 2002 Laguna 3.0 V6 Privelidge and will probably asking for some help in the future. Cheers
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    Hi my name is Avi & I've just bought my first Renault. It's a 1.4 Clio I auto. After my experience from Peugeots I was very unsure if I wanted another French car, but I needed something fuel efficient in an automatic & my small budget of £500. It was either a Micra or a classic Clio. I would...
  12. Tools & equipment
    Hi guys. I need to get my tpms switched off as I've replaced all of the valves with normal rubber ones due to constant pressure leaks. The nearest Renault dealer is an hour away, in Carlisle. Has anyone local to Whitehaven/Workington got access to clip so I can switch the annoying warning light...
  13. Electronics
    Hey all, New to the this forum, but not forums in general. Active member on Also not new to Renaults, used to have a Laguna (V) DTi Alize and a Laguna (Y) 1.6 Expression Looking to purchase a Scenic for the everyday family tasks as my current car is not upto the job Cheers
  14. Engines
    Hi My sister's car has had it's head gasket blown - confirmed by an RAC guy - and wanted to ask if anyone knows any reliable mechanics in the north west that could replace a head gasket cheaply? She drives a P reg Saxo, 1.1. Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated, this is her...
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    :driving:Evening all (pardon the pun):d Just thought i would introuduce myself did hae my own car buisness 10 years ago and still tinker now. So i hope to help people out as well as gain some info myself. Regards all
  16. Electronics
    Hi all, Long time lurker first time poster ;-) Picked up alot of useful info here so cheers all! One of my original wheels on my Lag II has cracked and I know the cost of getting new valves for new wheels and having them programmed in etc is quite high and who knows if another wheel or valve...
  17. Regional activity
    hi all i live in gloucestershire, is there any clubs near me ????
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    just joined im well known in the rover world had a few rover turbos, but with a baby on the way i decided time to grow up and get a family car so i currently own a laguna 2 1.6 16v dynamic any way the site looks really well set out time for a nosey cheers ben
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    Hi guys, As you might know, my aunt is now running (and loving) my first Vel Satis - the 3.0 dV6 Initiale. She's really eager to take care of the car which is great, considering her previous Yaris didn't see a service in 30k miles! Obviously she hasn't had much experience with mechanics and...
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    Hello people just a quick message to say hello. I was looking for some answers for a Laguna 1.9dci and came across this forum and there seemed to be a nice vibe to it so i thought i would join.