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  1. Will these wheels fit my car...?

    General Chat
    Hi there! So I am currently looking into buying some alloy wheels for my Clio GT 128 Gordini: Cades Eros Black Lip Polished The website states the that the wheel diameter is 16" and the wheel width is 7" I've never bought wheels before so I wanted to make sure that I am getting the correct...
  2. Wheel speed/and sensor ( Solved )

    Hi all iv replaced a wheel speed/abs sensor but fault still shows on dash. Does it have to be reset by diagnostic tool to clear it. Its a laguna 2.2 diesel 2005 Thanks in advance
  3. Trafic front wheel leaning inwards ( Solved )

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi hopefully someone can help please. The front passenger side wheel is leaning inwards causing the tyre to wear on the inside edge. Its really noticeable to look at. You would not know to drive it though. At first I though someone had backed into the wheel and possibly bent the strut. So far I...
  4. Wheel bearings or not??

    Steering and Suspension
    We've been getting vibrations and a humming type noise which increases with speed, coming from the front end. My first thought was wheel bearings, so I had them checked out, and all was good. The mechanic said it was probably road noise from the tyres. We had them changed a month ago and it's...
  5. Cruise control steering wheel connector

    Hi there, Am I right in thinking that the grey connecter is for the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel? Thank you Clio MK3 1.4 Dynamique
  6. 2008 Renault Laguna III 2.0 Turbo GT 205 - 4 Wheel Steering (Very Rare)

    For sale
    Renault Laguna III GT 205 I have owned this car for 18 months and have enjoyed every mile of driving it. Genuine sale - very rare car, drives really well. Recently did the NC500 in Scottish HIghlands and the car was fantastic, did not miss a beat and also returned 38mpg. The car is for sale...
  7. Spare Wheel Query

    Wheels & tyres
    I've just bought a 16 plate Renault Scenic 1.5dcI Dynamique Nav and will be collecting this from the dealership tomorrow (8th May). When I viewed the car I noticed there was no spare wheel in the boot but there was a can of temporary repair foam......the dealer was going to check for me picking...
  8. Renault scenic 2004 wiring schematics steering wheel controll

    I wish to have the wiring schematics of the steering wheel control, that controls the stereo tuner list version. I have installed a aftermarket radio, and also have a programmable steeringwheelcontrol interface. But I need to know which cable is doing what exactly. I have a Renault scenic 2...
  9. Passenger side wheel clunk

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi guys need some help !! I***8217;ve got a scenic 1 what has devoloped a problem with the front passenger wheel. When driving pulling off and braking you can feel a clunk inside the car. On closer inspection whilst outside the car when moving on the drive forward and back you can see the...
  10. Alternator Tension Wheel Troubles

    Please HELP! I have a Renault Clio Alize 1.4 16v. In not in a position to pay to have fixed. As in not working due to only just being out of plaster cast. 2 broken heal bone's and 2 broken wrists. So had to have a go myself. My Alternator went. It was tested by a garage. But when he told me how...
  11. Wheel Bearings Kit

    Ask the Experts
    Can anyone tell me (Link) where i can get REAR wheel bearing Kit for my Laguna 11 2003 ... Thanks
  12. Laguna Phase 2 Steering wheel control plug.

    Hi there. so for while now ive been trying to get my aftermarket unit working with the steering wheel controls, but am having major issues trying to locate where the end of the plug is for the wiring. ive tried to follow the wire behind the instrument panel, but to no avail i cant see where it...
  13. Scenic mk 2 steering wheel airbag warning light.

    Ask the Experts
    Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone could give me any extra ideas to remedy the issue with the airbag warning light. I asked my friend who has an diagnostic laptop to see what the fault may be, so we plugged it in and the code given indicated to the steering wheel clock squib. I got a...
  14. will removing a spare wheel save much if any fuel?

    General Chat
    My wife has just bought a 2016 Renault Clio mk4 and she says to me "has my car got a spare wheel?" and I said that I doubt it I said that all new cars in the last few years have done away with the spare wheel and just have that can of tyre repair spray thing. And then I went in the boot and...
  15. steering wheel controls not working with aftermarket stereo

    I have a Renault Clio dynamic 05 plate. I bought a pioneer MVH-X850DAB stereo and the extra wiring harness for the steering wheel controls. I have connected everything but the steering wheel controls still aren't working. Does anyone know why this may be? Thank you
  16. Lost wheel locking key

    Wheels & tyres
    Greetings, have a flat tyre and we have lost the wheel locking nut. Jacked it up, removed front cover and noticed that there are 3 bolts and one that requires a special key. Any idea how to remove this that won't cost the earth. Cheers
  17. Spare wheel

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi all Sorry if this has been asked before, but I can't find an answer. I have just bought a 2014 (64) RENAULT MEGANE 1.5 dCi Limited Energy 5dr and I can see it comes with a tyre repair/inflation kit. I was just wondering if there is a proper place for a spare wheel if I was to buy one?
  18. Wheel Never Buy A Renault again

    Newbie to Renault and not impressed Hello Hubby bought 67 plate Clio in March 2018. Month 9 now and broken down 4 times. Complained to Renault with no results apart from checking website. Not result I was after and so not impressed. Selling in 2019. Any advice?
  19. MK4 Steering Wheel Swap

    Interior styling
    I was looking into the possibility of swapping out my 2015 steering wheel for the 2017 version with the chrome piece at the bottom and a dedicated voice command button. I***8217;ll have the WR4 MediaNav (which is the evolution) but the connectors will be different I am assuming. Has anyone...
  20. locked steering wheel & not starting.

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi All, I have just bought a 05 laguna 1.9dci, it has been fine until today. I called a mobile electrician out as my indicators stopped working, he said its just a relay & will buy a new one when on his way. Excellent. He came, spent around 1-1/2 hours working on it, got the indicators working...