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  1. 1 white wire to a 2 pin wiring valeo alternator

    I need to wire a 2pin alternator (purple and white) from the existing 1pin white wire alternator any help apreciated thanks
  2. White Smoke after Oil Change (Clio MK3)

    Changed my oil the other day in my Clio MK3. After filling the oil up, I ran the car and there was white smoke from the exhaust. It was only a tempory thing as when I start it now there is no white smoke. I was just wondering why this would happen? Thanks.
  3. Project: White Megane 250

    My mottah!
    Picked up this white one after i recoverd from killing the last one. It has been well looked after, Has already been played with a bit, has intercooler, turbo cooler, ITG induction kit, exhaust system and 200 cell cat, RSTuning remap to 300+bhp Changed the interior bulbs, for White LED...
  4. Cold white smoke from AC - megane mk3 2010

    Heating & cooling
    Hello guys, At first, sorry for my English. Yesterday I have noticed that white vapor is comming out of my AC system. When I turn AC off, it stops. Then I realized that if I turn on AC and turn on cycling air in cabin too, there is no more white vapor - smoke. All time - when on , AC does...
  5. Grey trim paint on White Megane Mk3

    Hi, I have just bought myself a used Megane Mk3 in Glacier White, lovely car although there is like a grey colour on some of the trim at the back and front, some of it is a bit worn but I cant seem to fimd any mention of a colour code for it online. I dont really want to just guess and probably...
  6. A lot of white smoke when starting 1.5dci

    So been having troubles with the megane 1.5dci, check injector & stop when depressing the accelerator if you was going to say over take on dual carriage. Eventually completed a back leakage test, after really poor starting over the winter, The test that I used starts with 2 minutes running at...
  7. Mk3 scenic white smoke at start up

    Hi have a 2010 scenic mk3 1.5 dci, it has a small amount of white smoke at start up. My mechanic suggested the glow plug relay according to his diagnostic computer. I tried this and the smokes still there. My next step is to fit glow plugs. Am I on the right track?
  8. White Power On Spark Plug insulator?

    I have a very light dusting of 'white power' on one spark plug, installed above cylinder 3. The other plugs don't have this issue. I replaced all 4 plugs for good measure. The original plugs were marked 'Renault' and have probably done the full 48k mileage. The new plug installed above cylinder...
  9. White faded area on right of dashboard screen

    Does anyone know what might be causing this effect in the attached photo? It's a white triangular white area that starts on the right of the dashboard screen that displays the speedometer etc. It's strong white on the extreme right of the screen and then fades away to normal as it moves left...
  10. The dreaded white smoke

    Afternoon all, I have done a search and all tell me it's the turbo. Story: Thursday left Swansea for Holyhead,4 1/2 hour journey,allowed 5 1/2 hours non-stop.The ***** on sat nav send me all over the place,so here's where I apologize to anyone in West Wales,I drove hard,I don't like to,but I...
  11. White grey smoke??

    I have a 1.9dci Renault Meagan convertible I've changed glow plugs egr fuel and air filter no worning light no problem starting no smoke but as soon as you rev up that's when smoke starts there is a little puff out of the dip stick but pipes are not blocked?? The smoke lingers in the air and...
  12. White smoke when rev up

    Hi all I'm after a bit of help I got a 1.9dci Meagan first it kept blowing oil pipe off cleaned out all sorted Then new erg fitted as was blocked open engine light off until you rev up then back on with same code. Changed glow plugs one was very oily. But after new plug still smoke on rev up...
  13. Cold start White Smoke 1.5 megane diesel

    Hi all Right. Injectors are sorted I think. However the car has now started to play up when starting from cold. I push the button once and it turns over but doesnt fire then I get injection fault and it stops. I then push the button again and this time it turns over then tries to catch then it...
  14. 1.9dci Scenic - tons of white smoke and burnt oil smell

    Hi all - please help? I'm a bit basic... Firstly, time to come clean... I've had the car for nearly 2 years and not changed oil/filters - it's been needing the oil to be topped up more and more regularly, but with no leaks and no obvious smoking, apart from a puff when accelerating. I had a...
  15. 2005 Scenic 1.9DCi (120) F9Q812 - White Smoke, Oil Filler pressure :(

    Hi All, I’m hoping I can eventually get some sort of direction as to which way to go with my 2005 Scenic 1.9DCi (120) I’m so stressed out about it! I’ve had the car around 1 and a half years now, purchased it off my uncle who was a Service Manager at a Renault Dealership in the midlands, it had...
  16. white marks on alloys

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi, just wondering if anybody here has had these funny little white marks on their alloys. Back in my Skoda days it was called 'spider whitening' and as recently as last month i had the same on my Golf but the wife's Clio has this on 3 alloys and we only bought it new in sep last year so after...
  17. Worried engine or turbo in trouble as white smoke from exhaust

    dear renault owners, i have read most threads on here about white smoke but lack of knowledge on cars makes me unable to determine my problem. i have a laguna 1.9 dci with 200k on the clock, 05 plate, and love i to bits. I have owned it for a year and have had it sworn for the last 2 months due...
  18. megane 1.9 dci white smoke problem

    Hi All, I have recently developed a problem on my 1.9 dci 120bhp megane 2005 , A few weeks back i had check injection come up on my dash , i pulled into a petrol station because my fuel was low and i thought some dirt from the bottom of the tank could have caused it , filled it up and it...
  19. Help Needed! Clio Intermittent Power loss and white smoke. **Fixed**

    Hello, I am desperate for some info or feedback regarding a problem i have with a 2003 Clio 1.5 DCi 65 (K9K704). I purchased this car as a non starter. It would only turn over with a squirt of easy start. I checked the injectors and they had a very high leak back so decided to replace...
  20. 1.5 DCI Rough cold idle, warning light, white smoke but fine when warm!

    I know there are a few threads with these symptoms and I've read a few of them and tried the things suggested but to no avail. I was driving home and the spanner lit up and another symbol which looks like an ECG monitor. It was driving fine and I thought nothing of it till I tried to start it up...