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  1. Ask the Experts
    The problem is that when i'm driving above 60 mph i hear a wind noise coming from co-passenger side. What it could be? Could anyone help? Thank you
  2. Other makes
    My Renault wind starts to over heat in long stop start traffic hated the summer. Its not loosing water so no leaks. i dont allow it to get too hot that the stop light comes on. its dose not appear to like idelling.. soon as the traffic clears an i speed up it cools off quickly.. dose...
  3. Cars & motoring
    Hi all Just bought a 2007 Megane convertible and can***8217;t work out how to fold the mesh wind deflector. Please can someone help?
  4. Electronics
    Hello guys I have a Renault Wind and have recently adopted a dog. If I need to shut her in for just a few minutes (wouldn't leave her in there more than this!) the internal sensor picks up on her movement and sets off the alarm. I've had a look in the handbook and I can't work out how to turn...
  5. Wanted
    Hi, does anyone know where I can obtain a front bumper, passenger side headlight and wing for my 2010 Wind, thanks.
  6. Engines
    HI, I have a blown head gasket - can someone tell me the torque that new head bolts need to be tightened to and the sequence of tightening, many thanks
  7. General tuning
    Hi i want to have a more raspier exhaust fitted ,anyone got any thoughts.
  8. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Just to say Hi to all the members. My dead Trekka is slowly coming back to life, it's had every common problems and lots more besides as it's spent the last 7 years in a barn used as a sheep dog kennel. I hope to turn it into a micro camper when all is well. Wife has a 1.3 Wind and have had no...
  9. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Good Day everyone, Wanted to say hello as I've been a long time reader, but only just registered. I previously had a Megane Coupe, but after a few years in the wilderness, I've come back to the French fold with my lovely Renault Wind.
  10. In-car entertainment
    I have recently bought a Renault Wind Roadster and looking to upgrade the stereo to a hands free system. Does anyone know whether there is an upgrade radio available (I know that this is something that can be done with a number of Renault) or alternatively a suitable alternative that requires...
  11. Bodywork
    Can you get a more modern front light housing unit and how difficult is it to fit?
  12. Electronics
    hi all sorry in advance but new to the forum just picked up my new WIND and was amazed at how quickly my 126 mile drive home passed what a little fire cracker i digress ....about 10 miles from home i decided to wash the windscreen pulled the wiper stalk forward ...nothing ...once home i tried...
  13. Steering and Suspension
    Hello I have just had an MOT failure on the front two coil springs on my Wind :surprise: and can't find a replacement spring anywhere other than lowering sets which I dont want, dealer price is £95 + VAT which I think is ridiculous :crying2: (personal feeling only) Someone surely makes a...
  14. Engines
    Just got this vehicle 2 days ago. My wife drives about 30 miles to work no prob but there is a steep hill just before she reaches work and the low oul pressure come on here. Checked level all ok. Any advise?
  15. Heating & cooling
    Hello, I drive a Renault Wind, and like the car. Fun to drive. I like to keep it in good working order and it has a full service history from new. Problems began with a decision to recharge the air con. Took it to a tyre/exhaust type vendor who was doing a special on recharging. Couple of months...
  16. General Chat
    Evening all - my Mazda has succumbed to the dreaded rust and while browsing Autotrader I spotted a local Renault Wind 1.2 TCe GT Line up for sale at £3990 with 31,000 on the clock - seems ideal for a short fat 58 year old's commuter car but my question is are spare parts available for a car with...
  17. Electronics
    Hi I was hoping soneone could help me. Recently bought an 01 laguna for a run around. My front window didn't work after inspection the cables were culprit. I bought bicycle derailer cable to repair it. Can anyone tell me where the blue blocks should be when setting it up and how many times the...
  18. Bodywork
    Hi does anyone know how the tighten a renault wind roof to stop the rattling? There's no rattles when the roof is down
  19. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all so after weeks of deliberations and researching various small convertibles we eventually opted for the Wind - then we went in search of one ! Found a 2011 with 17k miles, RAC warranty in blue .....very excited :laugh:
  20. Electronics
    Hi all, my renault wind has to aux sockets but no usb socket, I've seen on eBay a replacement module. That has a usb connector does anyone know if I can replace mine with the usb socket?