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  1. Interiors
    I Recently bought a 1998 5dr Clio Grande for my wife ,after a few days use she claimed the pax front door would open randomly ? some investigation shows this to happen as the window is wound down a little , (something my son would always do soon after getting in the car ) Has anybody seen this...
  2. Electronics
    ok the short and curlies, is both my rear window motors have now failed over the last few months and my kids are fed up of having no windows, as renault in their wisdom dosnt sell motors only i was forced to a scrap yard for replacements (considerably cheeper aswell) recieved motors today, look...
  3. Interiors
    As per title, what would happen to a seat belt to stop it winding itself back up? As you would expect I have checked the belt is not twisted. Do the mechanisms generally fail? Expensive?
  4. Electronics
    Hi My passenger side window is acting strange when i push the up button it goes into automatic mode and winds the window down its self then goes into stagger mode unil it reaches the top once at the top it unwinds its self again ahhhhhhhhrrrrrr . Twice now I have returned to my car to find...