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window problems

  1. Electronics
    The passener window in my clio 1.4 16v 03 plate expression is not working. I have tried a new motor and still no luck. When i select the passenger window switch (from both sides drivers and pssengers) there is no clicking coming from the glove box as there is when i press the drivers side window...
  2. Electronics
    Hello everyone, Please can someone help or point me in the right direction? I'll explain the problem, I was replacing the osr window regulator and found that the window only wound up and not down (don't worry this thread is not about windows) so checked the switch on the other door and works...
  3. Engines
    Recently bought my scenic was sold with the passenger window not noise when switch is the passenger side is just about working.when the switch is pressed it will only come down a few inches at a time.
  4. Electronics
    hi there i have a problem with my passengers side window on my mk2 clio. Every time you press the button to wind it dow instead of coming down smoothly it makes a horrific crunching noise and the window pops outwards. If anyone nos what is going wrong and how to fix it i would it alot. only...
  5. Electronics
    Hi - I have had a failure of the control unit on the driver's window on a 2004 Scenic and just need a replacement unit. Renault only supply the whole set (regulator/motor etc) at £200+ - I would therefore like to know if anyone knows where to source one and how much they are. Thanks.
  6. Electronics
    Hi all, My back driver’s side window is broken and it is my fault! Basically, I attached a children’s blind to the window and extended it. I then forgot that I had extended it and the sticker thingy broke the windows ability to go up and down. Each time I press the window button it makes an...