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  1. traffic 2002 windows

    hello tried to find some help on here but could not find anything about it . windows won't go up or down checked motor act all seems to be good i have checked both fuses all good ( then proceeded to check all fused in box ) fuse box passenger door . found that there was no power going to...

    So I have a delightful mk2 megane just as a run about - however both windows (3dr) don't work? Not by key or switch- fuses are fine (apparently there is a pain in the ass fuse that means moving stuff in the engine bay) switches up has 11 volts when pressed down dose have any? On the passenger...
  3. Faulty Window - Possible Fuse Issue - Clio Mk3 2006 RHD 1.5dci 68hp

    Hi The driver side window (right hand drive) has stopped working. Initially, the window would sometimes open after continuously tapping up and down on the switch, but now does not open at all. Car Details & Current Electrical State of Vehicle: Renault Clio MK3 2006 RHD 1.5dci 68hp. Battery...
  4. Clio mk4 rear window

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello, new here. I need to repair the rear window as mine broke, I have the new window but I just can't seem to fit it in. I've taken the interior door panel off but I cant seem to figure out how the window fits in. Any ideas?
  5. 2006 Scenic Drivers window

    Hi, Have a bit of an odd issue here, I have done a temic replacement already and can rule out that as the problem. To begin with car had 2 faulty Windows, replaced temic units and all good however drivers one has since played up again. First time around the motor itself had become very hot...
  6. scenic 1 door window seal

    Could anyone let me know the method used to remove the front door outside window seal on the RX4 (maybe the same as scenic 1) The seal strip is the black rubber strip on the outside along the top of the door skin. I'd like to remove it without damaging anything. I've tried gently levering it...
  7. Renault Megane CC MK2 Window control Problem

    Hello, Firstly if this has already been asked I apologise but i couldn't find anything in the searches. So recently my Megane CC has developed a fault, after removing the key card and locking the car the windows all stay powered and I can operate them all by the buttons(possible reason the...
  8. Convertible window

    Hiya. First post so here goes... I've recently picked up a Megane 1 cabriolet and it's a beauty until you get to the plastic rear window. It's like looking at things through cataracts. I've tried using some renovo stuff to clean it up but it's not working... Should I try something more...
  9. Clio ii window problem

    Hi all, I was in the daily 1.2 mk2 Clio today and went to put down my drivers window and all I heard was bang, the window continued to go down at the front but stayed high at the rear which then led to the window falling out of its runner in the rear of the door and totally out of the window...
  10. Window problem maybe

    Hi guys all my windows work fine replaced a few Temic Modules in the past just dont understand when double locking the car 3 windows go up apart from drivers one is it ment to or not or just go and replace the Temic Module on that 1 also thanks
  11. Megane 2 electric window gradually goes up and down

    hello, i have a megane 2, my problem is on the drivers side, when i try to lower the window it goes gradually,i need to push the button more times, the same going up, i think its the switch but i don t know nothing about repairing it. i hoped you could give me some advice. thank you
  12. 2006 Megane Window problem

    Hi. I have the usual window problem. My rear window worked fine, but now won't come back up ( I hear slight clicks when pressed ). Is there a way of connecting the motor / regulator straight to the battery, just to get it up. I don' t really need that window to work. Just be closed. Thanks Paul
  13. Can you power a window motor manually to close the window?

    The window on the rear of my Scenic has been playing up for a while. I got a replacement regulator on eBay, and it worked fine - however today - the window wouldn't come back up. I just wondered if it would be possible to remove the regulator from the motor and put 12v across it, I could make it...
  14. Drivers window working in reverse?

    Hi and thanks in advance. I have a 05 Renault grand scenic 7 seater with drivers side window issues, 1st it stopped completely, then I changed the control module with one from the back ones, it worked for a few minutes just long enough for me to program it then it stopped again so I...
  15. Clio mk2 electric window issues

    Hi, Last week passenger window was working but driver window stopped working. I took the switch off cleaned the contact, I bridged the +- to the motor and both ways it made the window go up and down- which lead me to believe it is the switch. I ordered a new switch off ebay- it has now...
  16. Electric window button powers turn signal... rather confused

    Hey everybody! Had my Mk3 Clio (2011) for a week and we're onto the 3rd fault already. Love it. Anyways, when I bought the car, everything was working fine, drove home and the next day the electric windows started playing up! So from testing, I have found out that when the drivers door is...
  17. Megane 2013 Window Issue

    I have a 2013 Megane CC. Both driver and passenger windows have the same problem. They drop slightly as they should when the doors are opened but when shutting the doors they don't always close back up and I end up wiggling the door handles and pressing the buttons a few times till they go up...
  18. Clio IV ph1 - Heated mirrors and rear window demister not working / UCH BSI swap

    Hello, I bought a 2012 Clio IV and I have problems with heated mirrors and rear window defogger. I checked the fuses and voltage on both mirrors and rear window - 0.00V. I swapped the relays but it didn't help either so I decided to leave my car in Auto Electrician. He said that he...
  19. UK passenger side front electric window, MK2 CC

    The front window has stopped working using the passenger side switch. It works using the drivers side switch and the all up/down switch on the centre console by the handbrake on my mark 2 CC. I had to replace the motor after it was damaged in an accident. I have bought a replacement switch but...
  20. leaky window

    can a leaky drivers side window be the problem why the master switch for the windows will not work for the the drivers side as i found out to day in all this rain that it must be leaking some where as i found water in the holding compartment in the door so took the speaker cover off to find...