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  1. Electric windows not working.

    Hi guys, my first time writing here but I'm a little desperate to be honest. So I have a 2006 1.5 diesel Renault megane II whose front windows(the only power windows) don't work at all!!! I bought the car in 2018 and back then, the passenger side window worked perfectly, while the driver side...
  2. Renault Scenic II 2004 1.9dci 88kw | passenger window not working

    Hi, I have a problem with passenger window. I changed motor to new, also changed button to new, but just drivers side window was working, I borrowed other button from my friends car Renault Trafic it looked same as mine and all the windows was working. So I bought Renault Trafic button from...
  3. 2015 kadjar auto windows

    Hello everyone, I***8217;ve just bought a 65 Kadjar 1.6 dynamique 130hp s nav 4wd and was wondering if the side windows auto close when the car is locked, if so could you please provide instructions, thanks in advance.
  4. Kangoo Maxi Sliding Door Windows

    Campervan Chat
    Hi all, just want a quick question answered with some guidance if someone can help :) I have a 2015 Kangoo Maxi and love it, but want to add rear windows in the sliding doors, I have managed to source some from Ebay but I am uncertain on how they fit, anyone got a link or better still some...
  5. Rear windows, R2 rewired incorrectly

    Grand scenic 2004 1.6 Hi IV just sorted my hand break out after a poor repair was done on the R2 connection being removed, and want to look at the rear windows not working so here's what iv checked. IV got power and earth Motors are ok windows go up and down with power to the motor. New...
  6. Windows (again)...

    Hi all, I've been reading the threads regarding electric window faults... but my problem seems to be a little different. None of the windows work, and all four are temperamental. Now, I'd find it difficult to believe that all four Temics have packed up all at exactly the same time, so I'm...
  7. Laguna 2 Front Windows, Folding/Heated Mirrors not working

    I came back from holiday with the car not having moved for 8 days or so and neither front window nor the folding mechanism of the wing mirrors nor the electric adjustment of them work. I have taken the door card off and investigated and when I took the 29 pin connector (I counted them) off the...
  8. Windows 10 Safe Mode

    Computer Club
    Have you ever had to put your windows 10 machine into safe mode and found out that actually you can’t unless you can boot into the bloody thing, if you can boot into the bloody thing you don’t need safe mode, or you have to keep failing the boot until Windows 10 eventually decided to give you...
  9. 08 grand scenic 2.0 sci ALL WINDOWS STOPPED WORKING

    Hi all I am new to the forum and would like to say thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to read my post- I really do love the internet for problem solving!! And forgive me if this is a common / easy fix I've missed by googling the problem so far ! Ive owned my 2008 2.0dci for 4 years...
  10. Cigarette lighter shorted now no lecky windows

    My cigarette lighter shorted and now I have no electric windows and the indicators are on speed, very fast clicking, fuses are all ok inside the cab. Vehicle is Renault master van 2008. Any ideas?
  11. Kangoo mk1 automatic windows?

    I'm not sure if my Kangoo is supposed to have them, I have tried holding the button for a few seconds to re calibrate the closed position but I still have to hold the button to go all the way down (first world problems lol). Does anyone know if it should have auto windows and how to make them...
  12. megan rear windows not working

    Ask the Experts
    hi all happy new year and sorry for late reply due to weather and injuries but i have now found the hidden fuse box 2 i hope which is attached to fuse box which can been seen when opening drivers door and opening hatch. unfortunately on checking 4 fuses all were ok which i was hoping to be the...
  13. Why do Meganes have problems with electric windows.

    Is there any preventative tips,other than trying to keep the inside air dry, ie using air con in winter. Thanks,Richard.
  14. Electric windows

    Hi got a megane 2008 1.6 convertible I was just wondering if you could help me most cabriolet that I have seen when you open the door the window drops slightly and then goes back to normal mine doesn't was just wondering if they don't do this on meganes cheers
  15. laguna rear windows not working

    i have been given a laguna 2005 estate 2.2 diesel but both rear windows do not work. owner before has said didnt work when he had it. drivers door switch clicks when operated to lock rear windows as should and red light shows but no movement from drivers or both rear door switches. any ideas...
  16. Kangoo expression 1.5 dci Windows, Lighter not working **Fixed**

    I have a renault kangoo expression 1.5 dci 80 and suddenly the electric windows and cigarette lighter has stopped working, I have checked the fuses under the passenger side parcel shelf but all looks good, they stopped working when i was using a portable tyre compressor in the cigarette lighter...
  17. megan rear windows not working

    hi i have been given a megan but elec rear windows are not working. iv checked fuses and ok. just wondering if anyone any ideas befor i start taking door apart to investigate. thanks in advance
  18. Renault Megane Windows

    Both the drivers door window and the passenger window behind the driver have stopped working. I have bought a new module as I was told this was the likely fault, but this has not made any difference, so has anybody any ideas where I should look
  19. eletric windows

    hi i have a 2001 mk1 scenic it has 2 eletric windows in front i would like to change the rear ones to eletric as well i have both the rear moters/switches /door looms /and the switch for the front , but i cant seem to find the plugs for the front switch for the rear do i need a new fuse box to...
  20. Grand scenic rear windows

    Hi have a 2005 grand scenic with rear window issues rear passenger side only works from the front even though rear switch is fine. And the rear drivers wont work off front or back switches even though with an earthed circit tester screwdriver i can touch the wires on the conector for the switch...