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  1. Spooky Windows!!

    :crazy: I've got a drivers side window on my Scenic that's suddenly developed a mind of it's own. I suspect that following torrential rain down this way, some water might have got into a fuse box or something like that, but a quick look has shown dry fuse boxes.... What is happening is that...
  2. Three million hit by Windows worm

    Computer Club
    More BBC News
  3. Can Windows 7 finally kill Windows XP

    Computer Club
    Can Windows 7 finally kill Windows From what I've seen in Windoz 7 Beta although I know its probably not completed, I'd very much doubt it
  4. Setting Windows Free

    Computer Club This little device is fantastic. It provides Windows, at home, with the best security possible and also frees it up from the burden of running anti virus software, firewalls and all the other apps usually needed to keep secure. Ive...
  5. Microsoft begins Windows 7 push

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    Wonder if this will be better than Vista
  6. Windows Messages

    Jokes & funny stuff
    The following are new Windows messages that are supposedly under consideration for the planned Windows 7... Enter any 11-digit prime number to continue. Press any key to continue or any other key to quit. Press any key except... no, No, NO, NOT THAT ONE! Bad command or file name! Go stand in...
  7. need help windows and mirrors

    Hello i went through a car wash last week and the mirrors got folded in by the brushes i turned the control knob to the close position after they had folded and they both clicked so the were in the right position, when i tried to open them only one would work intermitently. Now neither will...
  8. Windows update available now

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    The fix for the recent scare fror IE7 is now available on the microsoft update site:rolleyes:
  9. Electric Windows - Kangoo

    Passenger side switch and drivers side (passenger) switch will only send the window down (motor is working - can put window up by applying voltage). thought to myself must be the switch and bought a new one...not so... still not working, I guess its something simple (checked fuses -ok) I,m not...
  10. Not staring when cold and front windows problem

    Hi, I bought my Laguna about 3 months ago and I'm really happy about it. It's 2001 model with two problems though. First of all, I'm not able to start it in the morning when the temperature drops till around 0C. The radio, A/C, lights are all working without any problem. Overall, the engine...
  11. reset windows on grand scenic

    how would i go about resetting the window system on a grand scenic if the windows only moved a few inches at a time?
  12. Scenic steaming windows

    Heating & cooling
    Have looked on the forum - but can't find any threads on steaming windows - my windows instantly steam up when its raining and although I have the blower on, can only clear the windowscreen. Have tried leaving window open, searched for leaks and any water in the car. Have recently had a new...
  13. 1993 espace, petrol smell only with the windows down

    Hi, can anyone help me with my 1993 renault espace petrol 2 litre. I get a strong petrol smell in the car whilst driving uphill normally, but only when the windows or sunroofs are open! I have looked all over for a leak but have found non. Ive checked out the tank by lowering it down & have...
  14. MS: Windows 7 Will Not Be A Pest

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    Source Here. We will see:rolleyes:
  15. Scenic windows won't close!

    Please help. Opened all four windows on my way home tonight, and now three of them won't close (or open any further, or do anything). One of them still working normally. I can hear stuff whirring away, but nothing happens. Any ideas appreciated?