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  1. Bodywork
    hi i have clio 2000 , few weeks ago i need to remove the wipes to access something then after i remount them i have found the wiper works on normal and fast speed but not on slow speed , everything else is normal. any help will be very much appreciated
  2. Bodywork
    Scenic 3, 1.5dci , 2012. Water drain under the windshield is made of something that looks like a pressed felt. It's soaking water and started to sag a little. I would like to glue the edges together and impregnate it so it doesn't get wet. There is some mildew developing on it. Any ideas how...
  3. Electronics
    Hi, I have a mk3 2011 clio which the windscreen washers, both front and back have stopped working on. I have checked for blockages and tested the motor which is working fine. However it is not working when connected up to the car. My question is, which fuse and which relay do I test? I don’t...
  4. Bodywork
    Hope someone can help, my rear washers work fine, the front don't work. There is water coming from the pipe going to the connection to the bulkhead but water runs out as though it is disconnected under the cover. I think the pipe is off under the plastic cover on the windscreen.My problem is...
  5. Ask the Experts
    The windscreen wipers on my 2006 Clio have stopped working ( to be more precise, they just stop dead with no warning, then whenever it takes their mood, they will move a short distance then stop again, after a while they will have a little burst of being normal) Thank you for reading, can anyone...
  6. Interiors
    With the roof up fine,but down,not good. Is ther a way of lowering seat more ? Thanks.
  7. Ask the Experts
    I have a 2015 Scenic. My passenger side windscreen wiper is sticking vertically up on passenger side. The driver side wiper is working fine. When I turn the engine off and leave it for a while when I open the car with the keyfob the wipers both return to their normal position. I'm on a service...
  8. Electronics
    Hello I have a Renault Megan 11 - 1.6 Dynamic 2008 model (although registered in Jan 2009). The wind screen wipers work on intermittent and slow :grin2:, but then stop mid screen when putting into fast mode :frown2:. I've read the threads regarding when they don't work in intermittent mode...
  9. Ask the Experts
    Only comes out back windscreen when turn on. , front do not work , cheap fix needed
  10. Electronics
    Hi. My first post here. I recently bought a Scenic 2. For some reason the front screen jets have stopped working. When I pull on the stalk, the front wipers work, but the rear washer jet is operated, so it seems that the washer motor is stuck in reverse? Is this something that you've heard...
  11. Ask the Experts
    Has anybody come across anything like this before, There are two vertical cracks each side of the windscreen that start at the bottom and curve round and then go straight up the window. One appeared first and then the other. My local garage say they have never seen anything like it ??
  12. Electronics
    Bloody car is doing my head in now it’s problem after problem :frown2:m my windscreen washers have stopped working when i go to use them nothing happens and I’ve noticed it’s not making a noise either,is there a fuse for this as I’ve looked in the glove box and it’s not in there. Thanks in advance
  13. Bodywork
    HI Does anyone know if a front windscreen from a Megane MK2 sports tourer will fit a Megane 5 door hatchback? The front looks the same but I am unable to find any references online. Cheers Maggi
  14. Bodywork
    Happily driving down the motorway today with the top down when there was a loud bang and I was shocked to see the nearside windscreen pillar trim flapping about above my head, held on only at the top! It could have done me a serious injury! I pulled over pretty quickish and found that, apart...
  15. Electronics
    Hi all, the wiper s on our scenic started to play up, so I have removed the arms to test. With the arms removed the left hand side motor didn't move at all, but the driver's side motor seemed to be working fine up until I put the arms and blades back when it moved half way across the windscreen...
  16. Electronics
    I've noticed this morning that both my front and rear windscreen washer jets on my clio and I can't hear the motor working and Its not using any fluid? Any suggestions? Thanks
  17. Bodywork
    Hi all, I don't know what this part of the car is called, but it flew off on the motorway this morning, so I need to order a new one! But I don't know what it's called, can anyone help me out? Car is a Twingo Dynamique 2012 Thanks
  18. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all I’m driving a Renault master lm35 2010 Parked at a job this evening got in the van and the wipers won’t do anything, I can still pull back the stalk and the jets work also the buttons for the trip counter works , Can’t hear if relay making a noise as I don’t know where it is and google...
  19. Heating & cooling
    Not had the van long and have found that the windscreen takes a LOOOONG time to demist, and suffers from a lot of condensation (kept outside overnight). Even with the fan set to max and screen only, I have to leave it running for at least 5 minutes before it starts to clear. Does anyone know if...
  20. Bodywork
    I have been rebuilding a 1960 4 CV and removed the front and rear glass. I have new rubber gaskets (the black stuff surrounding the glass). I have been trying to find someone to come to my home and install the 2 pcs. Of glass. Nobody seems to want to do it. So today I tried to stretch the...