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wing mirror replacement
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  1. Interiors
    Hi, Has anyone removed a front door card on a mk 5 (2019-2021) Clio? Have found 2 small screws underneath and 2 more under plugs in the door, still seems very solid. Any info anyone has would be appreciated, there doesn’t seem to be much info about on these yet. FYI, need to remove the door...
  2. Bodywork
    Oh no, not again! 🤦🏻‍♂️ I am currently replacing the wing mirror on a 2019 Trafic III (not mine but I hit it with mine!)... it's easy enough to change but fiddly - and if you've done one yourself you've probably already guessed what I'm going to say! I used to drive a 2015 Vivaro (same van...
  3. Bodywork
    Hi Guys, I've got an 09 Renault Laguna Estate (MK3 Deisel) I'v had my wing mirror kicked off and want to replace it. The wing mirror inside panel sits just under the top of the door panel- will I need to remove the door panel before taking it off or will it just pop off and pull out? Any...
1-3 of 5 Results