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  1. Wing mirrors

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    I have just bought a Renault Clio 0.9tce iconic,Can anyone tell me if the wing mirrors fold in using the remote or any other way.
  2. Laguna mk3 Wing mirror indicator not working **Fixed**

    Aarrgh! MOT failure. The indicator bulb is okay. If I apply power to the live side it works, suggesting the earth is okay. Both cables seem to be a light violet colour. What I would like to do next is see if the bulb wiring is failing within the door. To do that I need to know which...
  3. Wing mirror driver's side

    Hello and thank you for reading this message. Will a 2009 Modus driver's side wing mirror fit a 2006 Modus 1.4 Dynamique? Today a passenger in a parked car open their door taking the driver's side wing mirror off my step daughter's 2006 Modus. I have tracked down a second hand 2009 Modus wing...
  4. wing mirror glass removal

    Hi all ive got a problem with outside temp sensor on the wing mirror ive bought a new one for £3 :) instead of nearly 50 from from renault :) does anyone know how to get the glass out ?is it a case of just pulling it,or is there a certain way of doing this. its a renault trafic sport 120dci 15...
  5. Wing Mirror for Grand Scenic 3 - interchangeable case?

    I got my drivers wing mirror smashed at front and stem and need to get a replacement, but can't find any 2nd hand ones in my colour (grey). I see the casing is fine in my wing mirror, particulary where the matching grey paint is. Could I just buy a different colour wing mirror and swap the...
  6. Clio III front wing size (185/195)

    I see there are two sizes of front wing for this car, 185 and 195. I know that the size is stamped on the wing under the wing mirror plastic, but it looks like in order to get to it that it requires removing the wing. Is there any other way to find out the wing size that is already installed?
  7. Wing Mirror Cleo 2006

    Hi, Thanks in advance for any advice ye can give :grin2:.My driver side wing mirror of my Cleo 2006 was ripped off by drunk people - and the glass and internals taken:crying2:. Iv been able to source a wing mirror from a Cleo 2001 and was wondering if the 2001 wing mirror would fit and work in...
  8. Megane III Coupe Wing Mirror, are they same as the 5dr?

    So I'm a little confused here have read this thread which says that the 5dr MK3 Megane and 3dr coupe mirrors are the same. Now looking on ebay and so I cant seem to find this trying to locate a whole new unit due. I also phoned Renault parts up and they claim that they are different. Just need a...
  9. 2017 Clio vibrating wing mirror

    Hi - I have recently purchased a new 2017 0.9 Tce Clio. When I collected the car , the drivers wing mirror was wobbling not the casing just the glass itself. Took it back to Renault, they said it was a charactisitic Of the clio ? They Agreed to replace , which they have said they have done...
  10. Renault modus 2005 wing mirror/ seatbelt

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    (1) my wing mirror recently got vandalised and now when it starts to extend out a knocking sound can be heard as though two plastic cogs are trying to engage or slipping. (2) when my seat belt is connected the seat belt alarm occasionally beeps when the belly is connected. If anyone could help...
  11. Wing mirror casing Megane hatchback 2010

    Hi everyone Somebody bashed into my driver wing mirror on a narrow country lane at vast speed and drove off. The casing is in bits but I think the rest is working including the mirror and light although I haven't tried to move the mirror electronically. I've taped it all temporarily but if I...
  12. N/s passenger power fold wing mirror 07 clio

    Looking for a passenger side power fold wing mirror for an 07 clio close to Manchester be a bonus bare carcass all that is needed (rocking horse **** sprinkled with unicorn tears) easier to find
  13. Front wing replacement trafic 2006

    Hello I'm looking to replace my front passenger side wing on my Trafic 2006 140 dci Is the wing a bolt on part ? Thanks Tony
  14. Renault Master, Passenger wing mirror issue

    Hello there, I've recently bought a Renault Master 2010, but the passenger side wing mirror adjustment is not working at all, the drivers side will adjust no problem at all, however the passenger side does not respond to the mirror controls. I've checked the fuse panel but it seems to not list...
  15. Searching for Clio mk2 passenger wing

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    My daughter has a damaged F N S wing in Odyssey blue ted44 on a 53 plate 2003 Renault Clio. Does anyone have one for sale
  16. Wing mirror offside

    So I have found out that my offside wing mirror was knocked off, I have a 2014 Clio anyone got an idea on how much this is gonna cost?
  17. Trafic 2016 Wing Mirror replacement

    Hi, After damaging the passenger side mirror, I have managed to obtain a replacement. I see that the cover on the inside of the door has to be removed to allow me to unbolt the old one but how is the plastic cover removed? I didn't want to prise it off too hard in case it broke, is this how it...
  18. Fitting a new wing scenic mk 2

    Ordered a new wing for my mk2 2005 scenic weather permitting I'll be fitting it this weekend. Any advice at all about it ? Judging where the bolts are it should be fairly straight forward. Does the bumper need to come off at all for fitting ?
  19. Wing Mirror colour

    Hi all, I have a 2009 Clio GT in Blue and want to repair some scratches on the wing mirrors. The bottom half of the wing mirrors are black and the top half(where the scratches are) appear to be a silvery/ light blue colour. Does anyone know the exact colour name and where I can source the paint?
  20. Wing Mirror Cover Removal? (Megane MKII Petrol)

    I've just finished painting the plastics on my front bumper. It's now time to paint the wing mirror covers. I can't remove them. Prying the back off is just resulting in damage to the wing mirror unit. I've tried pulling out the mirror to get to the clips inside the wing mirror unit but the...