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  1. Grand Scenic iv 2017 Fuses fog, rear wipe TPMS

    Hi after using an old trailer, noticed that the fog lights, rear wash wipe and TPMS have stopped working, ive checked all the fuses that are accessible in the passenger glove box, but none are blown. the handbook or the fusebox do not have a schedule or key. I contacted Renault who have supplied...
  2. Clio MK2 intermittent wipe not working

    Hi, The intermittent wipe on my 1999 1.2 16v Clio is not working but normal and fast speeds are OK. The intermittent wipe does not work when the stalk is put to the first position nor does it work when the stalk is pulled towards the driver for wash/wipe. I can hear no clicking of any relays...
  3. rear wash wipe

    hi i hope some one can help at a bit of a lose my front windows washers work fine when i pull the stalk but when i try to wash the rear window the water comes out of the front passenger jet ? rear wiper work fine its a 2001 scenic
  4. Rear wiper won't wipe help!

    I have a Renault Laguna 1 1999 estate. Ever since I opened the glass part of the tail gate on its own the back windscreen wiper won't move. The motor is fine as when I tried it, it sounds fine. But the rear wiper just won't budge. Any ideas what has happened and how I can mend it greatly...
  5. grand espace 2001 wipe problem

    hope someone can help the wipers on my grand espace failed on the way back from germany last week have replaced motor and checked the switch on steering is there any other electrical item i need to check cant seem to find the wiper relay thank you
  6. Laguna 2 front and rear wash wipe connection?

    Hi guys and gals, I have noticed that when I do a "wash wipe" on the front screen there is first a small squirt of water on the rear screen before I get any water on the windscreen. I would have assumed the screens had separate pumps or is there a valve and it uses the same pump so the valve...
  7. megane mk11 2005 1.5dci no fast wipe

  8. Intermittent wipers don't intermittent wipe.

    My car is a 2005 megane 1.5dci estate. When I try and use the intermittent wipers, it just keeps wiping at constant speed. Is there a quick fix or does it take a long time to activate? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers. Alan.
  9. How do I disable the rear wash wipe on Renault Scenic Series II 2004 model

    I own a Renault Scenic Series II 2004 ' 54 Plate 1.6 Automatic. Have recently bought a rear cycle rack for the car but am conscious that the vehicle has an automatic rear wipe if wipers are on and vehicle is put into reverse. Is there any way of disabling the rear wash/wipe function whilst the...
  10. Wipers - intermittent wipe not working properly. GRAND SCENIC 56 reg

    I know these are supposed to be smart wipers but they've outsmarted me this time… The fast wipe works ok. The normal wipe works ok. The intermittent wipe… - works when the vehicle is at a standstill (wipes once every 5 seconds or so) - wipes once when first activated when vehicle is moving, but...
  11. Espace delay wipe relay

    Can anyone please tell me where I can find the delay wipe relay on my '95 diesel Espace, and if possible, how to replace it. I had been having the fuse blowing which covers the delay wipe, and now I just get the normal speed wipe in the delay position. As far as I can see there's no mention of...
  12. Please Help me :( Rear Wash Wipe Problem...

    Hi all, Since I bought my 2005 Megane Estate, the rear wiper's worked fine but when I twist the stalk to wash the rear window, the water comes out of the front nozzles instead, but the rear wiper moves a few times as it should (as if it thinks it's sprayed the rear window). I've been told that...
  13. Laguna - Irrattic Intermittent Wipe

    Yet another minor irritation with my Laguna T reg dti, the intermittent wiper function does not work at all, tried changing the stalk but did not resolve the issue. Any ideas?and I promise no more irritations that I am aware of::crazy:
  14. Dry wipe marker pen on head lining

    Keep saying i will ban the kids from the people carrier - or was that the reason why I own one??!!! Anyway what would be the best thing to remove a blue dry wipe pen mark from the headlining (white/grey). I have read methelated spirit. I am tempted to try vanish as it may be less aggressive...
  15. Renault Clio 1.9D rear wash wipe

    Cars & motoring
    Hello All Seem to be having a few niggly problems with my motor at the moment:steam: The rear wash wiper works fine but no water is coming out of the jet, i have done the unblocking of the jet with a pin and the wash bottle is full, is there a seperate bottle for the rear wash wipe or has a...
  16. Rear wash wipe

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, Having probs with new Laguna 11,sporttourer,02 reg,2.2dci,priv,just bought from private seller and there is one problem bugging me.The rear washer does not work when the switch is turned,hold it long enough and it washes the front.The wiper works but not the washer jet,the front one is...