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  1. Clio mk4 (2015) Wiper Blade Replacement

    Recently bought some Bosch Aerotwins to replace the front and rear blades but I’m having problems removing the current Renault ones. Anyone know how to remove blades with this type of fitting? Can’t see anything about this type anywhere else online. I’ve tried pushing the button on left side and...
  2. Renault clio 2010 front wiper not working?

    Hello, I have renault clio 2010 and front wipers only works with fast settings, it doesn't work on settings 1 and 2 ? Rear wipers works fine. Can someone please help me to solve this issue ? Thanks
  3. Wiper blade sizes for Clio dCi mk2 ( Solved )

    Hi all, probably a silly question but I'm not sure what the correct size blades are for the front windscreen of my mk2 2001 clio dCi. I know the rear one is 12 inches but I'm seeing twin packs sold online which comprise 21 inches for both or 21 inches for driver and 18 inches for passenger...
  4. 2005 Laguna 2 wiper problem

    My husband has requested that I make a posting here for advice. My old Laguna 2 front wipers have stopped working for no apparent reason. The rear screen wipe works, as does the washers so my feeling is that it is unlikely to be the stalk. He said the fuses appear to be fine. There is no...
  5. Grand Scenic Wiper Fault

    hi, I have a 2005 grand scenic 2 and following an issue with the battery going flat then wipers sometimes work and sometimes don't. It doesn't get used a huge amount and for a period over the winter the battery kept going flat (and jump started with no problem) so in January I replaced the...
  6. Megane II GT Wiper Problem

    Ask the Experts
    Hi, Car: Megane II 07 plate GT. When I put the wipers on, they do not move in any setting of the stalk except on maximum. But this is only intermittently. If I switch it on and then off, it does not return the wiper arm to the bottom of the screen. When I try the wipers again, none of the...
  7. Rear wiper not working

    Hi I just bought a secondhand 2013 Renault Clio EXPRESSION PLUS 16V. The rear wiper does not appear to work. Wiper did appear to work intermittently for a few wipes on 2 occasion but then stopped not to work again. The guy I bought it from said his mechanic looked at it, said the motor was...
  8. Rear Wiper Motor 2007 Clio MK3 Ripcurl

    Hello all, Big time car noob over here. One of the previous owners decided that they didn't want nor need a rear wiper on the car, and so removed the whole thing - motor and all. I'd like to put it back on, as strangely I value seeing what is behind me without wiping/smearing the window with...
  9. Drivers wiper motor

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    Hoping someone can help with a problem I have with my 2010 1.5dci grand scenic I removed and refit the wiper arms and worried I've damaged the wiper motor. The motor tries to move and stops. I've noticed there is no end float on the spindle and think I may have jammed the mechanism. Can I...
  10. Renault Megane wiper wash motors

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    Hi there. Now today squirted the windscreen wipers, squirts as normal and now suddenly the motor continues as if its squirting a couple of extra times before it turns off. in other words after I have left the lever go it just makes the noise ,like its still squirting 2 or 3 extra squirts. No...
  11. Renault Scenic MK3 Front Wiper Motors

    Ask the Experts
    Hi, I need to buy two front wiper motors for my 2009 plate Renault Scenic. I'm wondering if the front wiper motors from a Renault Grand Scenic MK3 would fit my car. Any help is much appreciated. Aarron
  12. Scenic MK 3 drivers side wiper motor fault **Fixed**

    Hi gents, I***8217;m a long time lurker on this site and I***8217;ve seen some great info but now I have a problem that I***8217;m struggling with. Recently my wipers went out of sync, I followed the advice from other posts and managed to reset them but they would clash almost instantly and stop...
  13. Rear Wiper Issue

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    Hi, had a search but couldn’t find a relevant thread. Just acquired a 2001 scenic I and the rear wiper doesn’t work. The washer is fine but no movement from arm. Front wipers fine. The fuse guide in manual lists one for the front wipers but not rear so assume its not a fuse issue. If it needs...
  14. Windscreen wiper problem

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    The windscreen wipers on my 2006 Clio have stopped working ( to be more precise, they just stop dead with no warning, then whenever it takes their mood, they will move a short distance then stop again, after a while they will have a little burst of being normal) Thank you for reading, can anyone...
  15. "ALIM UCH" fuse blown

    Hi, first post... help! I have a Renault Clio 2010, this afternoon while driving smoke parted pouring out from behind the dashboard close to the ignition. After some time at the roadside I managed to drive it back home as I assume whatever it was is electrical related and has probably burnt...
  16. grand scenic 2007 2.0dci rear wiper not working

    Hello everyone & merry xmas to you all i am hoping on some advice on my grand scenic 2007 2.0dci privilege the rear wiper stopped working i have checked the fuse in the passenger glove box & the fuse is ok but there is no power to the fuse so was wondering if there is another fuse elsewhere that...
  17. megan coupe mk1 wiper motor fault

    General Chat
    hi i am wondering if any1 can help me find a front wiper motor for a mk1 megan coupe 2001 part is valeo 535 55 802
  18. Windscreen wiper sticking

    Ask the Experts
    I have a 2015 Scenic. My passenger side windscreen wiper is sticking vertically up on passenger side. The driver side wiper is working fine. When I turn the engine off and leave it for a while when I open the car with the keyfob the wipers both return to their normal position. I'm on a service...
  19. Renault Megan 11 - Windscreen Wiper issue

    Hello I have a Renault Megan 11 - 1.6 Dynamic 2008 model (although registered in Jan 2009). The wind screen wipers work on intermittent and slow :grin2:, but then stop mid screen when putting into fast mode :frown2:. I've read the threads regarding when they don't work in intermittent mode...
  20. wiper Fuse location in a Renault Grand Scenic 2010

    Hi there- please can anyone tell where is the wiper motor fuse in a 2010 renault grand scenic? I've been searching for hours, can't find a diagram anywhere? i even phoned the local main dealer, not only was the chief of servicing very surly, but he said they had no way of knowing and had no...