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  1. Cant find a wiper link for 2005 renault clio!

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    Hey all first post! The wiper link on my clio has fallen apart so I'm currently looking for the following part: Renault part number 7701205813 wiper link assembly. I'm really struggling finding it online or with any local dealers, would really appreciate any help/advice!!
  2. Wipers stop in middle of windscreen

    Hi all, Bit of background info- my wipers stopped working last week, after having problems with them for a couple of days, leaving them stuck in the middle of the windscreen. As suspected, when I lifted the bonnet and removed the trim, the wiper motor was swimming in a pool of muddy water...
  3. Clio MK3. Front wipers won't turn off **** Solved ***

    Hi, I have a MK3 2007 clio and my wiper motor won't turn off, even with no key in the ignition. The speed switches between normal speed and fast speed fine, but won't ever stop. I have tried a new wiper motor, a new wiper stalk, replaced the 20a fuse (just in case!) and pulled out and cleaned...
  4. Grand scenic 3 wipers

    Hi having a good look at a faulty grand scenic 3 wiper motor & believe I have found a solution. Ridiculous price of these at some £300
  5. Mk3 scenic front wipers won't work ( Solved )

    Hi guys just wondering if you can help. As of today I tried the front wipers with no luck. I've check all the fuses and the wiper motor an all seem ok, the wiper stalk work for washers front and back as well as rear wiper but not the front wipers. I've no clue what to do or try nxt. All help...
  6. Headlights odd, wipers not working after rainstorm

    HI, I have a 2010 Renault Grand Modus automatic (UK). When I started the car today I noticed 2 issues. First the headlights are stuck on, luckily in the dipped setting so it’s OK to drive but I can’t turn on the parking lights or full beam settings -the stalk turns but nothing changes the...
  7. Wipers gone awry & check parking brake warning

    Car: Renault Scenic Grand MKIII 2010 plate Hi folks Having a painful time with 2010 Scenic Grand, which I bought in Nov 2018. During mid December the check parking brake warning light suddenly came on. The parking brake worked fine, tested on steep hill, so hadn't a clue what the issue was...
  8. wipers clio mk2 1.4 16v

    hello i have a clio 1.4 2002 mod 16v and yesterday after i was driving in the rain the front wipers was working ok but when i stop them for a while dint work again( the back wipers is still working) ..any idea?I already checked the fuses and i already put some wd40 to the clips of the wiring...
  9. Scenic mk3 front wipers fuse 2010

    Hey guys, anyone know where I can find the fuse that covers the front wiper motors? Thank you!
  10. Grand Scenic wipers

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    Hi guys, I have been through all of the solutions offered here for my scenics wiper problem. Its been reset a number of times and the time between resets has become frequent. I'm driving with 1 wiper all weekend and it is just one speed. I'm guessing its totally kaput. Issue is that new...
  11. Window washer / wipers / rain sensor

    Does anybody know what module controls the rain sensor / window wipers ? Cause it's going rather dodgy, going to top speed unnecessary often and falling asleep too often too, I would like to have the module electronics that control the rain sensor wiping updated. Can get that done in an...
  12. *yawn* Clio 3 window wipers ...

    Hi, first post on here and hate to be boring.... but: wipers failed on my 2009 Clio dci. Replaced the seized wiper linkage and wiper motor with new items, the engine bay fuse box was damaged (burnt out) so that was replaced with a second hand unit and the wiper stalk was replaced with a second...
  13. Clio mk3 wipers not parking correctly

    Hi, i have a 06 clio mk3 dynamic. I've read a lot about clios having faulty wipers etc. The problem i have with mine is, it doesn't park properly, it sits an inch higher than it should . I can push it down to where its meant to be but when i use the spray jet to clean the windscreen the wipers...
  14. 2013 Clio Relay Clicking Wipers

    Hiya New here and did do a search for this and couldn't find any topics similar. Basically we picked up a new to us but second hand Clio yesterday and I noticed that there's an audible, rhythmic clicking noise from the glove box area whenever: 1. Front wipers are on and in auto mode 2. Rear...
  15. Wipers

    I have a Renault Clio when starting the rear window wiper starts and even tho not on and won***8217;t turn of for about 5 min any idea what the problem is cheers
  16. Clio MkIII wiper problem

    So... End of Feb I had the problem with the wipers only working on fast. Stripped down and found the motor had been submerged due to blocked up drain holes (lots of good info on the forums for this). Bought a new motor off ebay and replaced then all was working fine until last week when the...
  17. Clio 2 slow wipers?

    Went to clean my windshield on my way to work, and used the washers and noticed that my wipers are a bit slow, which is unusual. Turned them on max, and there was hardly any difference, to be honest. They were a bit quicker, but I remember them being able to shake the car from left to right...
  18. Laguna 2 Ph II- Wipers and climate fans don't work

    Hi! I have a Laguna 2 Phase II 1.9 dci 2007 engine f9q (I think). First my wipers occasionally won't start but only in certain circumstances. More specifically when I first start the car and it's raining. In that scanerio I have to leave the motor running anywhere between 5 to 20 mins and...
  19. front wipers and buzzing

    hi all my wipers have just started to work on the fastest setting or not at all...intermittently. Apart from that there is a loud buzzing sound coming from the front of the car by radiator. ive attached pics. it doesnt sound like fan as its a new sound. any ideas anyone? thank you Steve
  20. Laguna wipers **Fixed**

    I have a 2007 Laguna 2 Estate, 2.0DCI. Wipers and washers have stopped working. I guess these must be separate relays so doubt that the problem is a faulty relay. None of the fuses inside the car appear to be relevant so, guessing again - they/it must be in the engine compartment fuse board. I...