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  1. Electronics
    Hello, so I have a 2017 Koleos and I'm trying to find out which colours are constant, accessory and ground. (Usually yellow, red and black) I'm thinking the red is the accessory and black is ground (not 100% sure though). The constant, I have no idea. Can anyone help me out? (Just to be clear...
  2. Ask the Experts
    Hi all, I’m new here as I have recently come to own a 2007 Renault Clio Campus Sport 1.2 16v CBU2. This is my first car, and there are a number of things that are are quirky about it but today I found a black wire in the boot compartment. It pokes out from underneath the carpeting on the left...
  3. Ask the Experts
    This is an odd question... But I need to tap into my reverse lights on my 2001 meg convertible. I have just acquired a new dash cam that is built into the rearview mirror, it includes a cam module to record constantly but according to the manual "by tapping the red wire from the module into a...
  4. Heating & cooling
    Hi, this is in relation to this other post I made 2 weeks ago - Where one of the pin holes in the wire harness was burnt, my hope is replacing the harness will fix having now blowers (even though...
  5. Electronics
    I need to wire a 2pin alternator (purple and white) from the existing 1pin white wire alternator any help apreciated thanks
  6. Electronics
    Without the manual, how can i go about finding a permanent live wire to install a GPS tracker, use a multi meter i guess?
  7. Electronics
    Have a Megane 2006 mk2 convertible with a problem with the drivers window, as in it doesn't operate with either the drivers door switch or with the operating of the roof. Is it possible to wire up a new switch directly to the Motor? Is it possible to remove the Temic unit and just put a...
  8. Other makes
    Today in the family's list of cars to fix, was MIL Nissan Note 1.4 - boot lock switch not working as wiring loom rubbed through in roof, located fault and repaired and a oil change thrown in for good measure - was fun as all wires are yellow!!
  9. Electronics
    Hi everybody.Not needed to post for a while.I am fitting a cruise control to my 2003 Master 2.5 td done most of the wiring but am having trouble working out which wire to use to send speed info.There is no wiring to the radio for a signal so I was going to take it from the sensor on the...
  10. Electronics
    Hey guys i've just brought a set of car interior RGB color 9 LED strip lights. They came with a 12v cigarette lighter plug but i don't want to use that. My Megane has strip lights in the doors shown below and they light up when my car unlocks and stay lit until i the car locks. Is there a fuse...
  11. Electronics
    Hey. I got a Megane that got that famous speedo problem.. it startet with the speedometer needle jumping. then after some time it just stopped working. i found the grey wire at the abs unit og testet for connection to the speedo.. there was none.. i made a new wire ( from abs to the gray on...
  12. Electronics
    Hey guys, i've just brought a Nextbase 512GW dash cam and a hard wire kit for my new Renult Megane dCi Dynamique S Nav. I've got the wires all hidden and earthed but not sure which fuse to connect too. It says in the kit instruction that it should be set on a switched power source. Any help...
  13. Engines
    2005 Laguna II 1.9 dci Estate. Driving to work everything is fine until I get into town, then I noticed that the temperature gauge was not working, needle rock bottom. Engine running really rough at the lower round town speeds, reluctant acceleration, I can feel the engine holding back then a...
  14. Interiors
    Hi all i have just got a dash cam and hardwire kit, and have routed the wires down to the passanger side fuse box, but can't seem to find where to fix the earth to? i have a 2007 Grand Scenic, has anyone done this with theirs? Cheers Paul
  15. Electronics
    Hello there. I want to change the car radio of my girlfriend. She has this Clio II Phase 1 from 1998. Here's a picture of the wires coming from the car: So i'd like to know "what is what" for each wire or pair of wires, in order for me to put the good one in front of it. Because my new car...
  16. Electronics
    I found a broken wire sticking out from the top of the tailgate on our Clio (2004, 54 plate). Initially, I thought it might be something to do with fact that the rear demister doesn't work, although I think it's more likely that the rear demister doesn't work because the elements on the screen...
  17. Electronics
    Hello I'm considering getting a Dash Cam for my Scenic 2, and I'd like to have it hardwired so there aren't cables everywhere. Does anyone have any top tips on where the best place to get power from? Maybe the fusebox in the glove compartment? Or from the radio? Help K
  18. Electronics
    I wonder if any of you guys can help me? I need to know what the wires are on the back of the stereo harness for my Megane
1-18 of 138 Results