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  1. 2001 scenic radio wireing

    hi i fitted a new stereo to my car , the two live wires one constant live power and one ignition on power the problem i have is with the radio on befor you start is ok when you go to start the engine the radio switches of for a few seconds , and the radio has a hands free whitch disconnects...
  2. Parking sensors missing cable **FINALLY SORTED**

    Hey lads on my Megan there is a cable got disconnected just behind the hand brake there is two plus one goes to the hand brake and the other is the parking sensors it's a plug but I can't find the other end to reconnect it but since it's being disconnected the beeper has stopped working any...
  3. Renault trafic wireing

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
  4. clio horn wireing help

    Horn wire up help I have an 1999 clio mk2 phase 1 1.2 my horn has gone so i got an new universal horn but it has 2 ends on it. I can only can find 1 wire can anyone tell how to wire it up
  5. Renault Megane mk2 Towbar wireing :HELP: plz

    hi im Adam, im new to all this so maybe someone could help me plz :) thanks anyways i have a 52 reg Renault menage mk2 1.9DCI iv just bought a tow bar and fitted it my self now i need a little help with the wiring, its the 7pin socket was hoping for a wiring info off anyone with the above car...
  6. magane 2 headunit wireing

    In-car entertainment
    quick question does the meagne 2 have a standard ISO headunit cables or do you need an adapter to fit an after marjet headuntit
  7. Tow bar wireing

    Hi all any one fitted towbar wireing to a 08 plate megane coupe convertable which kit is needed and will a universal relay bypass type work and is there any good guides on the net
  8. help! i need advice on after market speakers and wireing ect!!

    In-car entertainment
    Hi all! i have a 1999 clio, and as one of those 17 year old boy racer tipes, i am thinking about installing a monster sound sistem in the boot. The trouble is tho, i havent got the first clue about electronics, or speeakers or wether i need an amp, or how to wire anything up! At the moment, i...
  9. ABS wireing loom

    hi all i drive a 2007 laguna 2.0 navigation , the check abs fault light came on i took it to a garage and code DF026 r/h front speed sensor circuit . took it to renault to check and have been told i need to replace abs wiring loom this is a big job renault want £484.14 + vat just to supply they...
  10. Wireing fault?

    Without warning my 53 plate clio developed a fault which I can't find any similar thread for. Smoke started coming from the steering column and the horn started blaring. I've been towed home & the battery has been disconneced. Has this happened to anyone else? How difficult and expensive was it...
  11. tow bar wireing

    hi all I am Trying to wire up my tow bar but cannot find what wires are what to attach the 7 pin towing electrics to can any body help me to tell me what wire is what as I keep blowing fuses. Or is there a another way for me to do it . May be some site or this great one with words and pictures...
  12. could anyone email me a wireing diogram

    Can anybody email me a wireing diogram for the mk1 scenic 1.9 tdi so i can try to find a fault regarding none start, no fuel comeing from injector pump but loads going to it, anything to do with the emmoblizer. Many thanks
  13. car alarm wireing

    :yawn: Hi all Hope you can help me I have a Renault espace rxe on a 1993 /4 year plate I have no wiring diagrams for it so this not helps matters. Have a fully fitted alarm that came in the car from the main dealer that just won’t work. Have now got a car alarm in and working fine, ok one I...