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  1. Wireless Symbol on dashboard

    Hi, I recently bought a 66 plate Megane from Renault Watford. I have noticed that on the dashboard near the glovebox is a wireless symbol on the actual interior. Has anyone else seen this or have any idea what it***8217;s for?
  2. fitting wireless parking sensors

    Hi i'm a disabled modus owner and i have a set of Parking Dynamics Wireless parking sensors that ive got to fit. I was wondering if any body could tell me what size top hat washers i should fit to insulate the metal crash bar attached to the bumper from the bodywork. Any help would be greatfully...
  3. Can you make a standard HP printer wireless?

    Computer Club
    I have an HP F390 all in one printer and wondered if it could be made wireless. i've read about print servers, but they are as much as a new printer, so any other ways? cheers
  4. Obdii Wireless Device for Megane R26

    Tools & equipment
    Hi All, So I have done lots of searching around and I was hoping this forum could assist me. I have asked locally but no one seems to be able to provide me with an accurate answer. I own a 2009 Renault Megane R26 - with vehicle is fitted with a Sagem 3000 ecu. I am looking for a wireless...
  5. Help Save The Life Of My Wireless Router!

    Computer Club
    Hello computer fans!:rofl: Today we have taken delivery of our new BT Home Hub 2.0 thingyamedoofer,and after a lot of shouting and swearing I now have the internet back on our computer.marvellous.:d But,we are having problems with connecting the Wii and my sons PSP to it via the wireless...
  6. wireless blackspot

    Computer Club
    I currently use a BT Home Hub2-HCP8 as the wireless access, it is located in my office at the top of the house. when using a laptop downstairs there are no signal spots where I want to access the internet. I have tried using a second hub ( an older version of the Homehub) but there is a conflict...
  7. Wireless Warning For Broadband Internet Users

    Computer Club
    I forgot to post this yesterday. i'm sure we are all safe on here but just incase. http://
  8. Boosting wireless signal

    Computer Club
    I need to boost my wireless signal to my PC. It is really poor for some reason. My laptop is ok though. I have got a Neatgear router, my old sky one. Is there anyway I can use that instead of buying something?
  9. Wireless LAN speed

    Computer Club
    Hi all Just popped a WLAN PCI card into my PC to stop the wife nagging about the cable running across the floor :o Why have a wireless router and use cable eh! I've run a couple of WLAN speed tests online and they seem to be suggesting an average of 900kbps, rather than upto 54mbps as the...
  10. wireless prob

    Computer Club
    Hi downstairs i am using a new Netgear Rangemax Next WNR834B 270Mbps cable router with NTL broadband upstairs i am trying a Novatech 802.11g 54Mbs USB2 dongle adaptor on an older style PC with USB1 sockets off a Jetway 866SA-R motherboard reception is intermittent so i am guessing the...
  11. Help with my new BT Broadband Total wireless

    Computer Club
    Well hi to all sorry about this its now 2 nights in a row iam asking questions about my pc not that clued up with pc. I have just had a free upgrade toBT Broadband total wireless from a 210 router on Ethernet but getting to the point ive done this because i would like to buy a second hand laptop...
  12. Wireless Networking! ! !

    Computer Club
    Just bought a new laptop that i intend on contecting to the existing wireless network in my house. I'm already running a PC (connected directly to broadband) and a laptop (connected through 'linksys' wireless router). Anyway, get home start up the laptop. It connects to the wireless network...