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  1. Espace IV towbar wiring

    Had a need to put a towbar on my 2006 Grand Espace and was lucky enough to obtain a genuine Renault wiring loom (82 01 379 436) in the belief that it would be far easier to fit than any other brand 'dedicated' loom. The instructions take some figuring out but with patience it all seems to have...
  2. engine wiring issue

    Finally got the 1.5 dci engine changed in a 07 kangoo van, but I have a little issue. There are three connecters on the back of the engine that look like glow plug connecters. Can they be connected randomly or if specific, could anyone please provide an idea of which goes where? Cheers.
  3. Trafric 1990 - light switch problem

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi! I'm try to restore the electrical system on a Renault Traffic -90 The light switch has "burned" and previous owners have tried to solve the problem with their own solutions and their own cable colors. The original cables were cut off, in conjunction with their own solutions. Have bought a...
  4. Megane 3 TOMTOM MIC wiring

    I have fitted an after market Apine headunit. I purchased the "Naviback/TomTom Interface Quadlock" to keep my satnav operational. Everything works except the mic. I re-fitted the old headunit and tested the mic. It is working fine, so I think it could be a mismatched wire. I can see where the...
  5. Rear seat belt warning wiring loom connector

    Hi Does anyone know if there is a part to repair a broken clasp connector that goes into centre rear seat belt buckle for seat belt warning system and if possible a part number. Cant seem to find it on the renault part list. Had a broken wire right on bottom of connector Renault grand scenic...
  6. Speaker wiring colours

    In Car Entertainment
    Hi there can any of you nice people please tell me what colours are the speaker wires on Renault Master 2014 Bluetooth head unit Anatel ARA1230f please trying to tap into the speaker cables to put too high level to low-level converter to upgrade the sound many thanks in advance
  7. Master 2 blower motor wiring

    Heating & cooling
    hi, can anyone give a pin feed out diagram from the resistor box on a master 2006 please, the resistor died and melted the plug so unsure which of the red wires go to the loom and which goes to the fan ,thanks in advance
  8. Is there wiring in roof joists of Renault Kangoo 2003

    Hi, Would like to insert some bolts in inside of roof joists above rear seats. Is there any wiring to be concerned about. Thanks Michael
  9. Egr wiring colours

    Hi my egr wiring has chafed through at the plug, Iv'e got the small pins out and soldered the wires together but like an idiot forgot to check which colour went to which number on the plug, any help would be most appreciated . Alan
  10. Hand brake wiring R2 plug problem

    Hi, I'll get straight to the point, the R2 plug had been cut out but I think they have some of the wires incorrect. Does any one know the wiring colours, I trace the 10 wires from the parking brake to where the R2 plug was. The hand brake releases and comes on with the hand brake switch. It does...
  11. Wiring the amp and subwoofer in my clio mk4 2013

    Morning guys....i want to install a amp and sub in my clio 4 2013. Where does the wires go through in the firewall? Is there an unused grommet? I did look but everything looks to tight. Im not going to install it myself. But I would just like to know. Please!!!!!. Whos got amp and sub in a clio iv ?
  12. Renault scenic 2004 wiring schematics steering wheel controll

    I wish to have the wiring schematics of the steering wheel control, that controls the stereo tuner list version. I have installed a aftermarket radio, and also have a programmable steeringwheelcontrol interface. But I need to know which cable is doing what exactly. I have a Renault scenic 2...
  13. Renault laguna 2 wiring loom

    Hello everyone. I have a renault laguna 2 1.9dci estate 2003 LHD and a renault laguna 2 1.9dci hatchback 2003 RHD.I wanted to ask if the wiring loom is the same for every Laguna, lhd and rhd?, the hatchback has some stuff than the estate doesn't have like heating seats. Does the wiring loom...
  14. Koleos wiring for subwoofer

    Hi Guys I bought a new Koleos 2019 and it does not have the Bose system. I am wondering if the wiring for the Tire ( Spare wheel ) Subwoofer is already fitted and therefore I just need to get the subwoofer and connect it. If the wire harness would have a plug already for the subwoofer. I would...
  15. Laguna 2 rain sensor wiring

    Hi I have just bought a 2006 Laguna 1.9dci estate. Three wires to the rain sensor have been pulled out of the connecting block from the wiring loom and I don`t know to which pin position they go. Would anyone have a pic of such, or the wiring diagram for that area? I have a check parking brake...
  16. Scenic 2 1.9 dci - under o/s seat wiring

    Hi When I bought the car I found (after) that the footwells filled delightfully with water and the wiring loom under the drivers seat (in my LHD car) was a malignantly furry and corrossive monstrosity. Multiple wire fractures and nastiness. Unfortunately the wiring colours do not match up at...
  17. Scenic - 1.9dci - wiring for cruise control

    Since the car is in bits at the moment, and I'm about to drive 1000 kms or so (touch wood) I thought about fitting a new steering wheel and driver's air bag and switch on cruise control. I've just removed the cowl from the existing steering wheel and can't see any spare connectors. can...
  18. wiring and relay diagrams for 04 clio 2 1.2 16v

    Hi does anybody know where I can find a good wiring diagram for 04 clio 2 1.2 16valve? I need to know the function of each relay in the engine bay fuse box.,in particular the relays which are associated with the fuel pump system. i have a Haynes manual but the wiring diagrams lack any...
  19. Towbar socket wiring laguna 2008

    Hi, I have had to replace a broken 7 pin N socket. There are 9 wires with no colors corrosponding to the standard wiring colours. Unfortunately the socket broke during removal so the pins came out of the molding. Does anyone know the colour coding used by Renault on their towbar sockets? Many...
  20. Renault Scenic Wiring Diagrams

    General Chat
    Hello there everyone, I was wondering if anyone had the Haynes manual for the Renault Megane & Scenic 1999-2002. If you do could I have a copy if all the wiring diagrams in it, please