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  1. Steering wobble **Fixed**

    Other makes
    Pug 207 has steering wobble at slow speeds, say 5-10 mph, its quite bad. Probably feels better at higher speed. Tyres arnt that good nick all round , but ive tried swaping them with no improvement. Could brake disks cause this?
  2. 57 Reg laguna wheel wobble, not front discs

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi there gang, I have a 57' laguna 2.0 dCi 5dr hatch. I have a really annoying steering wheel wobble. When I accelerate up to 70 mph and then apply the brake gentle, a steering wheel wobble comes in, you CAN't feel it through the pedal which suggests not front discs--*I have changed the front...
  3. 'Wobble' on driver side front wheel...

    Wheels & tyres
    I'm currently driving a Clio II, '03 reg and have recently starting having issues with a noticeable 'wobble' on the front wheel on the driver side of the car. It's more noticeable at lower speeds, slowing down and when turning right. If I could describe it, it'd be like driving on a partly...
  4. 2007 Espace Mk4 wobble

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, I've been getting a front-end wobble under acceleration between 40 and 60 mph. It only happens under power, in any gear, and seems to be more of a side-to-side motion than actually coming through the steering. I've had the wheel balance checked 3 times, and it passed its MOT without any...
  5. Wheel wobble under braking

    Hi all I have recently had new front bearings fitted but sine then have bad wheel wobble when I brake. I have replaced the discs as thought they might be warped but still have the problem. Could it be the hub or drive shaft out of line? Any help greatly appreciated.
  6. Braking Stutter/Vibrating and wheel wobble?

    Hello again folks. Anyone have any idea on this one? See a previous posts by me here in another thread I created. Re: Pirelli P7s Part Worn...
  7. Engine wobble

    Hi guys, after my last post I have since replaced all plugs and coil packs. It's had 2 full tanks of fuel with half a bottle of redex each time, I've covered around 700mls of mainly motorway travel. Problem I'm seeing... Upon engine start from cold, revs rise upto 1k then slow decrease to 850...
  8. clio driveshaft wobble

    Wheels & tyres
    I have just replaced the n/s cv boot and the driveshaft has been out. After refitting the driveshaft, refilling oil etc., to check all was well I put the car in gear with the hub hanging, and turned the steering from lock to lock while the shaft was being driven. I notice that at central...
  9. Renault Laguna 1.8 Alize Gearstick wobble

    Hey guys, I'm new here - Just joined up because I have just purchased this car and I am really pleased with my investment so far! Drives great! all except this one niggling issue. When I cradle the gear stick I notice it has a huge amount of wobble when changing up and down the gears. Also...
  10. steering wheel wobble

    Wheels & tyres
    just had both bottom ball joints fitted for mot there is still a small wobble through steering wheel could this be a balancing issue or a buckled wheel
  11. Scenic seat wobble

    Hi All, I am wondering how much play the megane scenic seats should have, i have recently bought a 51 reg scenic and the front seats seem to have a bit of play/wobble to them about 2-3 inches id say, i only noticed when i put my arm round the back of the passenger seat to reverse into a space at...
  12. Steering Column Control & Gearstick wobble

    Hello - new to this :) I have just got a clio car derived van; couple of questions: 1) Probably a very silly question, but what is the control on the steering column for (pic attached). We are having a 'discussion' as to whether it is cruise control, or controls for the stereo. 2) It was...
  13. steering wheel wobble

    Steering and Suspension
    renault meganne 80dci dynamique 03 plate 1.5 experienced wild steering wobble on braking on motorway 60-70 mph not noticed on normal driving around which i do most.Had four new tryes 7000miles ago Took down to Kwik fit they had test drive unsure what problem is suggestion of ABS Had a occasion...
  14. driveshaft wobble?

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi all, ive replaced my drivers side driveshaft as it was clicking away, i sourced a cheap drive shaft for £31.99 from a dealer who deals in only driveshafts and cv joints etc up birmingham way. Any way, it took me 5 hours to get the driveshaft out, as theres a bearing holder that holds the...
  15. wheel wobble renault traffic 2007 115bhp

    Wheels & tyres
    hi i have wheel wobbel problem to look at today on van its not tyres or wheels going to unit to look at soon any commom problems i should look for.
  16. gear stick wobble and wont go from 3rd down to 2nd easily

    Hello im having a problem here my gear stick moves quite a lot and I have problems getting into 2nd and 1st from 3rd I recently had a new clutch fitted with brand new gear oil put in can anyone tell me what this might be. Thanks
  17. renault clio 1.5 dci front wheel wobble

    Wheels & tyres
    front wheels wobbling from side to side, not top to bottom, any ideas
  18. Wheel wobble

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi small problem with wheel wobble and pulling to the left while driving. I've had the tracking done,wheels balanced, tyre pressures ok but it seems to be the same so I was hoping someone might be able to help. 51 plate megane scenic auto. Thanks in advance Nigel.
  19. vivaro/traffic 55 reg wobble

    hiya, recently had a recon box fitted to my van and shortly after the van started to jusser under acceleration and also whilst corning to the right when accelerating, i had new front tyres fitted, tracked and balanced, new steering rack arms, new suspension mounts but this made no difference ...
  20. worrying wobble and clunking

    Steering and Suspension
    hi all am new and would like to just say its a great forum. i will try to explain the problem i have best i can. i own a 1998(S) megane scenic 1 1.6 8v alize its been a brilliant car so far but over the last week or so it has developed a really worrying fault and we have stopped using it. when...