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    Find a word in the circle of words but all words must have the centre letter R in the word.. See the pic below..:grin2:
  2. Electronics
    had to swap radio on my 55 megane. went to scrappy and got one out of another renault. plugged it all up and it illuminates through its buttons. only problem is that there is no prompt for the code appearing in my dash display. Any thoughts please?
  3. Electronics
    Ive just bought a 2004 1.9dci megane convertible and on dash lower right a light is lit saying service, it flashes for a while then stays on... Fiddling around with computer at end of wiper stalk the display says check steering? And regenerate soot filter which im told will go off after a blast...
  4. General Chat
    i have been watching this for 3 weeks the amount of fraud going on on ebay and many have lost upto £6000 and the catch ebay does not cover it first if you ever click on an item and it asked you to log in dont do it as soon as you have you have given them your details this is just a sample from...
  5. Electronics
    I have recently serviced my car but the garage didn't bother to reset the dashboard service light. I have removed the 'spanner' icon. But the word service in an orange box is constantly displayed at the top of my dashboard. I'm not entirely sure what this means? I can't find it anywhere. Help...
  6. Formula 1 news Bull's Sebastian Vettel breezed to victory in Sunday's race in Singapore, the longest and most physical challenge on the calendar. However, there are still six Grands Prix left this season, so Vettel is still keeping cool on his title...
  7. General Chat
    About time! The local breast cancer charity I volunteer for has got it's registration, only taken the Charity Commission 3 years to extract a digit and do the right thing!!! Karen xx
  8. Engines
    hey guys, just to let you know; my profile name is related to music, not mechanics.. i have very basic mechanical skills and even less knowledge... so, here goes; i have an 02 scenic 1.9 dci, i was happily driving around town and stopped at a supermarket for 10 mins, when i return to my car; it...
  9. General Chat
    Nicked from Twitter...simply use six words to describe a famous movie I'll kick it off, nice easy ones to start with Big ship can't sink. It sinks Good news! Pregnant. Bad news! Satan. Man traps arm, cuts it off Man gets bum poked by hillbilly Engineering oversight causes Death Star's explosion.
  10. Wheels & tyres
    hi will megan wheels fit on a laguna 1.8i 52 plate
  11. Computer Club
    I'll start this post by admitting that I am clueless with computers, so may be missing something completely obvious that cauld be solved very easily by those of you in the know. I've sent a word document home from work so I can work on it. I am able to open and view it but not update it, when I...
  12. Cars & motoring
    What exactly is a service?. I'm interested in peoples idea of exactly what a service on a car should include,what they think it includes,and how much you are prepared to pay for it.I often drive past garages offering 'Service From £99'.....but what do you expect for that money?.If you service...
  13. Cars & motoring
    Have I been a plonker. Here's what happened. I had an old Laguna on my drive waiting to be dismantled or scraped. Yesterday a guy knocked on my door and asked if the car was scrap. I said yes but I need the gearbox (not very old) and other parts off it. He offered to take the car to the scrap...
  14. General Chat
    it's an old one but see if you can figure out what these words have in common. 1 Banana 2 Dresser 3 Grammar 4 Potato 5 Revive 6 Uneven 7 Assess
  15. General Chat
    It goes like this! Someone posts up a word and the next persons word should be the most unlikley or humorous association or corny association but still relevant - if you get my drift An obvious one would be "honest" and then followed by "estate agent":)
  16. Wheels & tyres
    Hi there, I write this hoping I can save others the bother/inconvenience I incurred over the weekend. I was planning to refurbish my own alloys (an oncoming driver forced me to strike either their car or the kerb), and I plan to post this (with pictures) later - when I get the chance to do...
  17. General Chat
    I'm not sure how I would interpret the term " Chav "
  18. General Chat
    It has just started again. I love this program. I think Gordon Ramsey is ace. I kknow some people who hate him. I guess he is like Marmite, lol. Just wondered who else watched it?
  19. General Chat
    The anti word association game just like it sounds. post a word that has no connection to the last. Apple!
  20. General Chat
    Hi well as the title says if you had to describe your car by one word what would it be and why,well mine would have to be "British":d ;) because iam proud of it;) Cheers all the best Donald