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  1. Mk3 scenic front wipers won't work ( Solved )

    Hi guys just wondering if you can help. As of today I tried the front wipers with no luck. I've check all the fuses and the wiper motor an all seem ok, the wiper stalk work for washers front and back as well as rear wiper but not the front wipers. I've no clue what to do or try nxt. All help...
  2. windscreen wipes dont work on slow

    hi i have clio 2000 , few weeks ago i need to remove the wipes to access something then after i remount them i have found the wiper works on normal and fast speed but not on slow speed , everything else is normal. any help will be very much appreciated
  3. Horn doesn't work; how to handle an airbag ( Solved )

    Hi all, So I noticed my horn doesn't work at all on my mk3 Clio. The circuit diagram shows is doesn't go through a relay and so is literally the switch, the fuse, or the horn itself that could be faulty. The horn worked fine when tested independently and the fuse is fine so that leaves the...
  4. Poor work & H&S abuses

    General Chat
    Received these pictures from a contractor I work with, can't see anything wrong myself but standards have dropped over the years. Best Wyn
  5. Radio won't work in 12 plate Clio, letter y everywhere?

    Hi, I have recently bought a 12 plate renault clio from a mate who had told me the radio didn't work however I can't work out what is actually up with it. The CD player works and plays, aux works but the radio itself can find channels and says their names eg radio 1 etc. But apart from that uses...
  6. Grand Modus Diesel preheating dash light doesn't work

    Hi all Just purchased a 2010 Grand Modus. Everything appears fine with it except there's no diesel preheating light showing on the dashboard. All the vids I've seen are for replacing the 6 main speedo background bulbs. Anyone know if these have individual lights for the clusters either side...
  7. Clio Mk2 - speedometer and accelerator doesn't work *** Fixed ***

    Sometimes when i turn on my 2001 MK2 Clio (1.9D), the speedometer doesn't work but after a while driving it starts working again. Whats worse is that as long as the speedometer doesn't work, my accelerator doesn't work correctly either (but not every time). When i push in the accelerator, it...
  8. Megane 2006 Drivers Window doesn't work - wire seperate switch possible?

    Have a Megane 2006 mk2 convertible with a problem with the drivers window, as in it doesn't operate with either the drivers door switch or with the operating of the roof. Is it possible to wire up a new switch directly to the Motor? Is it possible to remove the Temic unit and just put a...
  9. Espase which does not work on the start button

    The car is a Renault espase. 2.0 t model IV 2003 .Cambelt jump became valve salad so I switched all valves took two months and get together with parts and jobs. The battery was unloaded . new battery .When i press the start button it just clicks. Has pulled a new signal cable from the starter...
  10. cant get the horn to work on trafic 1.9dci

    Hello, so my horn stopped working a couple of months ago. its been one of those things ill get round to. now ive got MOT coming up so i needed to sort it. So i bought a new horn, fitted it and it still didnt work. Then i turned the steering wheel and pressing the horn and got two beeps out of...
  11. Electric drivers window just won't work!! Clio mk2

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all. I have a 2003 Renault Clio MK2. About 3 weeks ago the window stopped working, after a few hrs/days left alone it started working again. About 2 weeks ago, it packed up completely. This is what I have done so far - * Changed window switch on driver's door * Changed window regulator and...
  12. Not my work but lovely progression anyway

    Photography Club
    Judging by the silhouette of the countryside there I would have to say it must have been one of my local brothers/sisters during last week's black moon thingy
  13. page does not work

    General Chat
    Is anyone else getting an error message when trying to get to this page:- Its only started to happen today. this is what i see :- "This page isn’t working is currently unable to...
  14. Cigarette lighter socket lights up but doesn't work

    I've bought a new one to go in my 07 plate Mégane convertible as the old one was disgusting and didn't work. The new socket lights up but doesn't heat up or charge my phone etc other half has check fuse in glove box but doesn't seem to be gone. Plz help
  15. 52 plate Clio window won***8217;t work

    My Clios drivers side window was not going fully down or fully up. Then it seemed to be working better. However, it is now stuck completely down and won***8217;t move at all. When the electric switch is flicked there is a horrible crunching noise. Any ideas?
  16. Laguna 2 Ph II- Wipers and climate fans don't work

    Hi! I have a Laguna 2 Phase II 1.9 dci 2007 engine f9q (I think). First my wipers occasionally won't start but only in certain circumstances. More specifically when I first start the car and it's raining. In that scanerio I have to leave the motor running anywhere between 5 to 20 mins and...
  17. Radio and central console do not work!!

    Hi, i recently bought a newer clio and decided to upgrade the radio to allow me to play music from my phone. (i did this on my last clio aswell) but when fitting it, there was a spark between the cables you connect it to and now my central console, new and old radio do not work? i checked all...
  18. Laguna 2009 1.5dci electrics still work after removing key card

    Does anyone know why this happens . After removing cars I can turn radio, lights wiper etc back on
  19. Central locking won't work? Megane MK3

    When I exit the car, close the doors, and press the lock button on my key fob, the doors won't lock. There's no response from any button on the fob for that matter. I have to put the fob inside the keycard slot, enable ignition, remove the fob to disable ignition, exit the car, ensure all doors...
  20. Laguna III USB Mp3 not longer work

    Good evening to all, I have a Laguna iii Grandtour 150CV 4nav and from a few days the radio mp3 player does not work with the usb pen inserted in the central tunnel. The radio shows the message "no connected auxiliary equipment". I already tried to remove the radio fuse but the problem remained...