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  1. renault kangoo satnav not working

    hi thanks for adding me to this forum my son has a problem with his media center /satnav in his renault kangoo van he has purchsed the latest maps from tom tom but when he puts the sd card into the system he only gets the tom tom logo a egg timer and a fast moving bar across the bottom which...
  2. clio cornering lights not working ( Solved )

    General Chat
    Hi This is to thank Phil48 & ours 2012. The problem with my cornering lights is sorted. I ordered in a new lighting stalk (not genuine) and when it arrived the mechanism that cancels the intercom was damaged, however I plugged it in to see if there were any changes to the cornering lights and...
  3. Renault clio 2010 front wiper not working?

    Hello, I have renault clio 2010 and front wipers only works with fast settings, it doesn't work on settings 1 and 2 ? Rear wipers works fine. Can someone please help me to solve this issue ? Thanks
  4. Scenic Mk2 rear fog lights not working

    I have checked fuse and bulbs. There is voltage on the purple wire that goes to the tow bar (when I turn on the fog lights). But no voltage on the rear fog light bulbs. Any tips? See
  5. Renault Clio 2000 neither AC or lights working

    Heating & cooling
    Hi! I bought a Renault Clio from 2000. Neither the AC or the AC lights are working. Not the button for the back window heating either or the button for internal fan (the three buttons that are next to eachother). I***8217;m wondering if the AC could be working if the buttons started working...
  6. Megane RS 250 Dash noise not working

    Can anyone help? I have purchased a Megane RS 250 2010. All the lights work indicators, Door open, seat belt warning lights etc but no noise which is weird. Any clues?
  7. Check ingition warning when revs drop to idle and turbo stops working.

    Hi, I have a 2007 1.9 DCI Scenic. I have read lots of posts about the P0235 code (that I have) and the various causes and remedies. Haven't found a post with exactly the same symptoms. If I start the car, immediately run the revs to 1500 and move off keeping the revs up all is well. Once I...
  8. Headlights odd, wipers not working after rainstorm

    HI, I have a 2010 Renault Grand Modus automatic (UK). When I started the car today I noticed 2 issues. First the headlights are stuck on, luckily in the dipped setting so it’s OK to drive but I can’t turn on the parking lights or full beam settings -the stalk turns but nothing changes the...
  9. Map reading lights and centre dome lights not working properly Renault Megan 3 grand

    Hi, maybe someone can help me with this issue. I wanted to replace the map reading lights and centre dome lights to led , and went to am authorised seller and told him to replace them for me. When he installed the led on the centre dome light it did not light and then noticed that even the map...
  10. demisters not working

    Hi I have a megane mk2 2005 cabriolet the rear window and wing mirror demisters have stopped working 1 button on console lights up when pressed 2 fuse 30A in engine bay ok 3 all fuses in glove compartment ok at a loss any pointers will be appreciated everything else seems to be working fine
  11. Reverse lights not working

    Hi All, am new to this and was hoping someone could help me, I have an 09 Renault Megane 3 1.5dci, and having a problem with the reverse lights, they don't want to come on when I put the car in reverse. I changed bulbs and reverse switch but not sure where to find the fuse for them (if that...
  12. reverse lockout not working

    Ask the Experts
    I have a 1990 1.6 diesel express 5 or extra box van the reverse lockout will not let me get into reverse I can get into all the gears except reverse i can get the trans axle into reverse by getting under the car and pushing up on the linkage where is the problem
  13. Windscreen washers not working

    Hi, I have a mk3 2011 clio which the windscreen washers, both front and back have stopped working on. I have checked for blockages and tested the motor which is working fine. However it is not working when connected up to the car. My question is, which fuse and which relay do I test? I don’t...
  14. Fancy working on the Hybrids

    General Chat
    Deffo out of my comfort zone with this :frown2: Just have a read of some of the tools needed.. Dont forget the rubber mat, not sure what the real reason for this is.. Think it's in case you sh1t yourself :wink2:
  15. Manual door key for Scenic III - not working

    Ask the Experts
    Hi Please can anyone advise for my daughters car (I have tried searching here). My daughter found that her 'manual' key didn't work when one of the 'key cards' recently failed. The key turns, but doesn't open the door. The strange thing is, everywhere on internet and the owners manual...
  16. Laguna 2 Front Windows, Folding/Heated Mirrors not working

    I came back from holiday with the car not having moved for 8 days or so and neither front window nor the folding mechanism of the wing mirrors nor the electric adjustment of them work. I have taken the door card off and investigated and when I took the 29 pin connector (I counted them) off the...
  17. Clio mk2 washer pump not working again

    Hi all, I had the pump replaced on my 51 plate 1.5 dCi Clio just a few years ago and it's stopped working again it seems. I'm not hearing any noise at all, the wipers just come on. I had a look at the fuses at the side of the dashboard on the passenger side and although there is suggestion on...
  18. Cd player working in master 2.2 dci 2003 but no volume

    I have an Renault master 2.2 dci 2003 ex ambulance and the cd player/radio works but I have no volume?
  19. Rear wiper not working

    Hi I just bought a secondhand 2013 Renault Clio EXPRESSION PLUS 16V. The rear wiper does not appear to work. Wiper did appear to work intermittently for a few wipes on 2 occasion but then stopped not to work again. The guy I bought it from said his mechanic looked at it, said the motor was...
  20. Brake Lights Not Working

    My son told me recently that the rear lights on his Renault Clio (07) had stopped working. I did the usual Google search and most of the advice pointed to the 10A fuse, bulbs or the brake pedal switch. Today I checked the fuse (OK), changed the bulbs and changed the foot pedal switch. The lights...