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  1. Renault Clio 2 - Front Foglights Not Working*FIXED*

    hi I was trying to find the fault on my clio 1.5 dci the front fog lights don't come on! bulbs good checked all relays but it appears on 2001 models like mine upto 2005 they don't have foglight relays its all in a black box behind the fuse box behind the glove box where the old relay box use to...
  2. Renault Laguna 1 - Rear Screen Heater Not Working*FIXED*

    My rear screen heater has just stopped working today there is power to the connectors on the rear screen when switched on at the dash, can also hear relay kicking in,checked circuit on the heater element on Glass using a resistance setting on multi meter no breaks in that either,but a soon as i...
  3. Renault Clio 1 - Brake Lights Not Working*FIXED*

    Hi again. The brake lights have stopped working on my car, all other lights work; indicators, reverse and side lights. Any ideas?? Thanks people.
  4. Renault Clio 2 - Heater Fan Not Working*FIXED*

    Well after trauling the internet looking for a fix for my blower not working i stumbled across this site, so armed with common faults i started. Now my fault was no blower on 1234 so this might not help some of you. remove driver scuttle panel unbolt firewall 10ish 10mm bolts unplug fan...
  5. Renault Laguna 1 - Heated Rear Window Not Working*FIXED*

    Hi, I've read through various forums/posts re' the rear-window demister/heater problem on the Laguna Mk1 (& some other Renaults). My heater switch on the dash works fine as well as the demister's relay (located behind the pull-down flap, under the fuse-box which is under the steering wheel). To...
  6. Renault Laguna 2 - Sat Nav Not Working*FIXED*

    Hi I'm so pleased I've found this site. I have a problem with the sat nav in my 2004 Laguna. I took out the disc and when I put it back it could not pick up a signal but it was reading the disc, after a couple of days it is now saying its an un mapped area. The satellite symbol is red and the...
  7. Renault Scenic 2 - Lights Not Working*FIXED*

    Renault scenic 11, my problem started two days ago with failure to start and dashboard said immobalizer fault so called out rac and they said they did`nt know what it was but suspected the batterie plus i have lost heating control lights, but then next evening coming home i lost all lights at...
  8. Renault Laguna 2 - Heater Fan Not Working*FIXED*

    Hi, my Renault test bed of "if it will go wrong with a Laguna will go wrong on this laguna" has developed another fault. Interior fan does not work on any settings. I've read ben1400's posting but this is for settings 1-3, not all 4. Any ideas or will ben1400's solution do the job? Many thanks
  9. Renault Laguna 2 - Brake Lights Not Working*FIXED*

    Hi All Not sure if anyone can help or not but all 3 of the brake lights are not working on our 05 Laguna Tourer. Checked the 20A fuse and all fine, Cant find any sort of switch near the brake pedal to check but that would be my gut feeling, car computer not coming up with any warning lights...
  10. 2004 clio dash and rear lights not working*Fixed*

    My 2004 clio i just bought both that dashbord and the rear lights dont work. The breaklights, reverse lights and indicator lights work. When i bought it there were marks near the radio where someone had been trying to get in could there be something behind that which could have caused this...
  11. Key Card Not Working*Fixed*

    My wife's 04 megane dynamique has the keyless feature, but a couple of days ago it stopped working.She now has to gain entry via the passenger door using the emergency key. The key card (and spare one) will not lock or unlock the doors and have to be inserted into the card slot to start the...
  12. Renault Clio 1 - Main Beam Not Working*FIXED*

    1994 Clio Diesel. The full beam headlights have stopped working. Fuses OK. With the ignition OFF the full beam 'flash' works OK! So must be the column switch or a relay somewhere? Has anyone come across this before and have any advice? Any one have a wiring diagram or manual I can find on line...
  13. Heater Controls Not Working*Fixed*

    I have a Mark 3 Espace 2.2 DT. The heater control bank on the drivers side has stopped working, the bottom three lights just flash on and off simultaneously but I cannot select a heater function. The heater fan also is not working and the rear window heater has stopped, the passenger heater...
  14. Renault Laguna 1 - Lights On Warning Not Working*fixed*

    Hi all, found this forum the other day, and have found it very helpful. i've got a laguna (98)R 1.8rt with 76,000 on the clock which probably should be 78,000 as my speedo only worked when it wanted too, i say worked as through these forums i think i may have solved the problem by replacing the...
  15. Renault Clio - Horn Not Working*FIXED*

    Hi I am a new member, so excuse me if this is already posted somewherem, but i have searched everything to try find the answer and i cant. I have a 1998 Renault Clio 1.6 RXE and i have couple questions that i hope someone might no the answer to! firstly my horn doesnt work, it did when we first...
  16. Renault Megane 1 - Speedo Not Working*FIXED*

    Hi there I have a 1999 V reg Megane alize 1.4e every now and then my speedo doesn't work when i set off but after about 12 to 18 miles it will start to work again. I have been told it's an electronic system and renault want £80 quid just to look at it and they said they might not be able to find...
  17. Renault Clio 2 - Speedo Not Working*FIXED*

    Hello to Everyone on the forum, My wife has a 1998 Clio 1.2RN, the newish shaped one (S reg). We went to Wales (from Kent) this weekend and halfway up the M40 the speedo went from reading 70 to 0. After about 5 mins of no reading a warning light came on the dash that looks like one of those life...
  18. Renault Laguna 2 - Steering Lock Not Working*FIXED*

    I'm not sure about this but is there one. You know how your steering wheel locks when you take the key out the ignition on a standard car and when you turn the wheel to the center it locks. I'v noticed on the laguna that it don't but it does click when i move the wheel left to right. Bigstu