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  1. One Brake Light no longer works! HELP!

    Hello to all on Firstly, my apologies if this topic is covered elsewhere although; following a quick glance I did not locate my exact same issue and I'm completely new to these forums! I have a 2010 licence plate Renault Megane 1.5dci diesel manual 5 Door hatchback - (I...
  2. hope this works

    General Chat
  3. How digital oil level works

    I know I shouldnt depend on the digital reading of oil level and should always use the dipstick. But just wanted to know how exactly does the digital reading get it's reading? Is there some sort of sensor in the engine block? Wondering how accurate it is?
  4. Keyless entry works on all doors except drivers

    Ask the Experts
    Hi everyone, I have a 2013 Mégane Sports Tourer GT Line and the central locking packed up on the drivers side door. Dodgy solenoid I was told. Rather than pay Renault about £300 I bought a 2nd hand one from a scrap yard and a mate replaced it. All the doors lock and unlock with the key card...
  5. Newby

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi, I’m really pleased with my 2017 Megane but I have a strange issue with using my iPhone from it. Sometimes it works fine but other times it will not show my phone book contents (other than my own phone) and I can’t use the phone to call out. Funnily enough it will use the music from it when...
  6. It works! Espace iv display with Alpine UTE-93DAB and patch lead APF-D102RE

    In-car entertainment
    Heres a pic of my new DAB and bluetooth Alpine stereo using the oem display and steering controls using patch lead apf-d102re in my 2006 Espace which originally had an update list stereo. I now have built in bluetooth, DAB and hands free!
  7. Clio 2003 Wiper works intermittently

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, recently purchased a Renault Clio 2003 with 140,000km on speedo. It was a private deal without a guarantee, and the Renault garage will charge way to much to troubleshoot and fix my issue. So I hope I can get some direction or solutions here. The problem is a bit strange, but here goes 1...
  8. 2009 Clio AC ony works on high

    Heating & cooling
    Hello again, The last several months ive had issues with my ac in my 2009 Clio II. At this moment the AC will only work on the highest setting. Ive had the resistor replaced several times and it doesnt help. Also whats strange is that once in a blue moon, after having the ac on the highest...
  9. air con tool works

    Tools & equipment
    well my meriva gas was low stuck at 30psi so me being a tight git thought i have never really touched a a/c system in fact i never use one :laugh: but thought it was time i mucked about with one i had a choice basic kit or a more pro tool i went for the simple solution this is not to be used if...
  10. Megane 3 air con works drivers side ONLY

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, New issue... air con suddenly not working on passenger side. Could the gas be low? I read on other forums similar issues with issues resolved once you re-gas, but also read there is an actuator which controls a flap to direct either cold or warm(ambient) air in the dash somewhere...? I...
  11. Diesel Injector Removal (works on Delphi & Bosch) Without Specialised Tools **PICS**

    Diesel Injector Removal (works on Delphi & Bosch) Without Specialised Tools **PICS** Hi, Just thought I would share a little trick I have been using to remove Diesel Injectors without any specialised tools. Remove the High Pressure Pipe and Return Flow Pipe to each Injector. Undo the...
  12. Scrapyard Scenic 2 Electronic handbrake Works

    Hi, After a 'handbrake fault', I found after some investigation that, the a corroded mid axle metal link had failed and had burnt out the relay in the control box nr the drivers rear wheel. Looked on Ebay to replace the relay and after replacing found that the control box worked, so on to...
  13. Another Window Thread - motor only works when Horizontal

    So I have a 2007 Megane and the passenger window stopped working, on taking of the door card and investigating, the window works absolutely fine when i hold the motor and regulator horizontal (connection pointed towards front of car) but as soon as I put back to vertical (connection pointing...
  14. Diagnostics tool that works on 2005 Espace 4 ?

    Hi all, Could anybody recommend a diagnostics tool that works on 2005 Espace 4 ? Thanks.
  15. Megane Window Works with Key out

    Hi Guys, Would anyone know why my electric window on my drivers side can still work in my renault megane 2004 even if my ignition is turned off and key is out?
  16. Aircon only works when turned on before start engine

    Heating & cooling
    Meg 1.5dci 05 As above, just had it topped up as was 400g short of full. So before this if it was cooling i didn't feel it. The bloke said these meganes will often start working after a little while once it's been topped up, and sure enough it did! But now it's working at full power again, it's...
  17. Electronic handbrake on - motor still works

    I bought a 2007 grand scenic a few weeks ago. The electronic handbrake was stuck on and car wouldn't move, but I found the manual release under the boot and got it home. Planning on having a look at the car over the summer holidays while the kids are off school. I've read several posts about...
  18. Radiosat/ Carminat no works - only clock

    Dear Guys, Today I change my Radiosystem from a aftermarket radio to the original radiosat classic/ carminat radio. But it seams to be locked,.. I have no function, I see only the clock (the clock was automaticaly setting (via gps, radio?) and the temperature. And I can change the on/off...
  19. Reanualt Laguna II Electric Handbrake Fault Sign is on but handbrake still works fine

    Hi, I bought my Laguna in 2014 and since then the handbrake fault has come on 3 times. The first two times I took it to a garage where the mechanic restarts the electrics while doing a diagnostic test and the handbrake fault light goes away which is great but its costing me £40 every time. The...
  20. Steering not locked but car works

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, just wondering if anyone can help me. I have a 2008 megane 1.6 dyanamic. i have seen loads of topics on the steering not locked issue, mine seems slightly different from the others on here. now the car starts, drives etc... no problems, but when i turn off the engine and remove the card...