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  1. Megane 180 Tce GT Real world MPG

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    Hi all, Have been trying to find info on the above megane 180 tce gt 2.0 2010. What are the real world mpg figures or miles per tank that you guys are getting if you have one? Have searched everywhere for any owner reveiws online and youtube the car doesnt seem like many people bought it as...
  2. Hello I'm dru new to world of renault

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    I sort of own a 1.9 16v Renault 19 Williams addition and need some much needed advice and hoping I'm in right place.
  3. I Must Be The Only Person In The World (Gearbox Oil Problem)!?!

    I must be the only person in the world who can't find the gearbox oil filler winged nut thingy. Have spent about 2 hours under the car looking for it. Have tried attacking it from above also, but I just can't find anything like that being described. It's a 2006 ClioSport 197. I'm attaching...
  4. The insect world not unlike the human world.

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    Female dragonflies fake death to avoid men | MNN - Mother Nature Network :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  5. Hi Renault Forum World

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    Hi everyone. I was registered on here a long while ago but seems my account isnt activated no more :) I currently run with a Scenic Mk3. Previously had a Mk2. If anyone has any questions feel free to send me an inbox, if i can help i will :)
  6. 2009 Clio MK3 Dynamique 1.2L World Series, Front spoiler lip help!

    Just received my 2009 Clio MK3 Dynamique 1.2L World Series through shipment via boat and noticed the front spoiler lip at the bottom was missing, probably broken during shipment. Would anyone know from were i could purchase a replacement anywhere? Not sure if its part of the world series body...
  7. Megane World Series exhaust adaption

    I bought my megane World Series a few weeks ago knowing full well that the exhaust doesn't come out of the "fake" exhaust in the bumper it comes from underneath. I realised just how stupid it looks when the gases blow out from underneath the car instead of out the "fake" exhaust So does anyone...
  8. World Winds

    General Chat,54.31,1106 A interesting little site, or at least it is to me.
  9. Front spoiler/splitter for 09 world series megane

    I have a black world series megane 2009 and require a new front spoiler/splitter as one side broke off near the drivers side has been knocked off (40mm lowering springs the cause- now removed) . The previous owner did not have the piece. I found magnatuning offer the piece at 180 odd pound, but...
  10. Megane World Series Front Spoiler Needed!

    My hubby had an argument with a high kerb and a piece has broken off the front spoiler. Does anyone have a Megane World Series white one for sale??
  11. New Lanark World Heritage Site in the Snow

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    Was down at New Lanark a walk with the dog this morning took a few photos using my iphone 6s of the place in the snow and Clyde in full flow :d
  12. Hello world

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    This site has been of great help in the past so that I could deal with problems with my inherited Laguna II. Now it's my turn to post a question..
  13. 2010 Megane World Series Editon - Bluetooth/Microphone Fault

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help me. Bought my car (Megane Coupe III - 2010 World Series Editon with TomTom) in September when I had in iPhone 5, could connect the phone & play music etc. all fine! Came to answer a call & nobody can hear me, same when calling out. Took it to a Renault garage...
  14. Megane World Series

    Hi, I'm new to the forum so I apologise if I am posting in the wrong place. I've just swapped my beloved 182 cup for something a bit more economical, A Megane World Series Coupe. I love the look of the megane and I'm really please with the car overall, there is just one issue, the front...
  15. Guinness World Record Attempts

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  16. Round the world Solar aircraft flight.

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    For anyone interested Solar 2 as taken off on the first leg of it's round the world solar powered flight from Abu Dhabi and is now heading down The Gulf of Oman, it can be tracked on line it's reg number HB-SIB. This should work. but only when it is in range of a receiving station...
  17. Renault Megane World Series 59 plate white

    For sale
    Selling my beloved Megane MK 3 world series. In great condition Only 46k miles Having to sell to finance a family car! check it out, cheapest on Autotrader
  18. Hi world

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    Hi All, My name is arjuna from Jakarta Indonesia. I have Renault 18TL and Peugeot 405. I want to share anything about Renault here. Thankyou.
  19. Race - Brilliant Hamilton claims world title with Abu Dhabi victory

    Formula 1 news' Lewis Hamilton produced a faultless performance in Abu Dhabi on Sunday evening to claim his 11th win of the season and with it his second world drivers' crown. Hamilton's team mate and title rival Nico Rosberg, who fell behind...
  20. The world as I knew it has ended or Conkers

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    Driving along this morning and passed a few Conker Trees, Horse Chestnut if you want to be correct about it. On the ground, hundreds if not thousands of conkers. Sadly it would seem that modern times has killed off the traditional sport, not only of collecting every conker you could...