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  1. 2010 Grand Scenic purchase worry

    General Chat
    Hi I am considering upgrading my Vauxhall Zafira to a petrol engined variant of the 2010 Grand Scenic. With the Zafira if I can't fix a problem a search of internet forums will result in an answer and there are dedicated Zafira forums. With the Grand Scenic there doesn't seem to be a...
  2. Renault Clio Mk2 Worry

    Hi all, I have a question that is worrying me, but I've got to ask this question anyways because according to 1 place, this is a 'known' issue but anyways. My girlfriends bother has a older Renault Clio, I think it's the MK1 version, anyways, recently, not to long ago, his Clio had a issue and...
  3. Should I worry?

    After the car (espace iv 2.2 dci) had been left in cold for a couple of days - pressed start button took a bit longer than normal to fire up glow plug and zig zag symbol lit up momentarily. Anyway warning displayed ' fuel injection system faulty' this went away car has driven normally and has...
  4. Vel Satis - Exhaust Worry - Drive or Tow to Garage?

    I posted a few days ago reporting a very faint noise coming from the front nearside of the car, whenever I accelerated, a bit like someone pouring sand or like someone very lightly blowing through their lips to blow some dust away. I then posted on Sunday to say that when I got home from an...
  5. Renault Laguna 2 - Pre-Purchase Advice Thread

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    Renault Laguna 2 - Buying Advice hi thinking of getting a 1.9 dci laguna dci est.can anyone give me any help on this.thanks john
  6. toxic fume filter system warning light worry

    Hi wondering if anybody can help? The toxic fume filter waring light came on in my 06 clio today when I started it up and flashed on and off for about a minute then stopped. It was fine all the way home however bit worried why it came on? Is it safe to drive? also I have a baby and worried...
  7. New battery- Starting (to worry me..)

    Evening all! I'm after scraping the depths of your collective Renault brains for some help. If you think this is more appropriate for engines than electonics then please feel free to tell me! Apart from a minor TDC problem back in August, I've had weeks of trouble free motoring from my Meg. No...
  8. Sex (don't worry its clean!)

    General Chat
    I'm having real problems deciding whether some are members are male or female - any chance of requesting sexual gender when peeps register? :confused: