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  1. Best vs worst vs weird cars you have owned?

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    Got my first car in 87 a 3dr yellow mk.2 escort 1300cc As I can remember by 21 I had 'owned' (as in had bought with my own cash) 57 yes 57 cars! I thought maybe a list of Best vs Worst vs weird cars might be fun:d weird Citroen BX Diesel Citroen Xantia TD x2!! Allegro Maxi Moggie worst...
  2. Laguna II 1.9 dCi - Fearing the worst

    Afternoon, I have a Laguna II 1.9 dCi 2003. It has just turned over 100k miles. I was driving along today when I had a massive loss of power, along with a cloud of black smoke and what sounded like a newly installed big-bore exhaust! I coasted it home, about half a mile, bellowing out the...
  3. Deep Impact Fear the worst

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    Don't expect science + Radio telescopes to save you.
  4. have I purchased the worst 1.6 megane renault ever made?

    Ok here goes. 2005 megane 1.6 oasis purchased this car around 6 weeks ago. Sold with full service history so I initially thought I was buying a good car. bodywork good, interior like new....... here's the problems so far. water leak into driver and passenger footwells. water leak in...
  5. Fear for the worst....

    Hi All I have looked through and cannot find anything that is relevant to the same problem as I have. I am now at my wits end with this problem and cannot find out what the problem is. I have a 1.9 dci grand scenic which I bought a couple of months ago as we have just had our third child and...
  6. worst pattern part ever ?

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    I fitted a new offside track rod end to my 2007 lag at xmas , 3 weeks later the rubber around the joint has perished, i took it back for a refund and fitted a couple from eurocarparts .can anybody beat this for part failure? any recommendations for good quality aftermarket parts ?
  7. The worst car!!

    General Chat
    i have been reading a lot of threads about the cars people enjoy and cars people want just wondered what are the cars that people wont buy or buy again or heard a lot of bad stuff about!!! Mine personally are that skodas used to be bad makes of cars and the only reason why they had heated rear...
  8. Worst starting diesel ever

    Yes i wait the nine seconds long after the heater light has gone off,yes its got new heater plugs and yes it runs fine when warm and starts ok. I still have to replace temp sender as it always reads cold but with all other diesels i have had ie 106 1.4--ax 1,5-- metro 1.5-- bx tzd 1.9--309 1.9...
  9. Renaults worst engine?

    After reading lots of posts on here it got me wondering what is the worst most unreliable engine that Renault have made in the last 10 years? I seem to be seeing lots of posts for 1.5, 1.9 and 2.2DCi engines on here!
  10. The worst dealership experience

    General Chat
    Here's one for you all. I have noticed a thread for the best dealership but not for the worst. I want your experience of the worst you have had. This includes level of service,cost,and satisfaction. Need your story's and how if so they have been resolved. See my post about my problem with the...
  11. Worst TV adverts 2008, Renault 3rd

    General Chat Personally I cant stand the Somerfield ones , whats your worst advert ?
  12. Your Worst And Best Thing Of 2008

    General Chat
    Hi just out of interest:d what is your Worst or Best thing about 2008? Well apart from the obvious like all my Family and close friends getting through another year in good health and my Daughter doing well in her exams and going into her last year of High school before going to Uni? fingers...
  13. Renault Megane - worst car

    have a megane 03 plate, worst car i ever had, just found out i have to replace the gear box and clutch, it's been in the garage so many times ive lost count, computer went on it in March, bought this car coz all ive ever had was bangers, wish i had stuck to them, will never buy Renault again.
  14. Revealed: Top 10 worst UK ISPs for spam

    Computer Club
  15. Worst ever football kits

    :d :d :d The Scotland top was ok but the shorts ............:p :)
  16. Still hitting all the wrong notes: Allegro voted Britain's worst car

    General Chat
    Now theres a surprise.:d can't see the relevance of this poll today. Whats your opinion on Britains worst car manufactured in the last decade ? once we have a few names I will post a Poll...
  17. what age group of drivers are the worst??

    which age group of drivers do you thing are the worst? i think it is between the age of 17 and 21 as they think they know everything and they show off and make themself look like t""ts
  18. Which car owners are the worst drivers

    Never mind who are the worst drivers, men or women, what about car owners. I cringe when I see a BMW, their owners must be the worst drivers in the world, they tailgate, hog the middle lane, never indicate and drive too fast in residential areas, by the way most appear to be men (sorry thats...
  19. Women and gay men 'worst at navigating'

    General Chat
    Find your sense of direction deserting you of late anyone ;) Women and gay men 'worst at navigating' - News from 4Car
  20. Worst and best cheap cars?

    Cars & motoring
    This is something that would interest me (a student and first car owner) a lot - and would be helpful for anyone attempting their first feeble steps in the world of motoring: Which cars are the worst/best in the following price categories? Up to 1200 Euros (approx. £900) 1200 - 2000 Euros...