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  1. Xmas Tree

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    How Nice is he,,
  2. Merry Xmas Everyone,,

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    Hope each and everyone of you have a great xmas Wishing you all A great new year...
  3. Wishing each and everyone of you a merry xmas.

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    Friends you all are to me,have a great xmas ,, Hope all your dreams come true.
  4. Xmas engine oil change

    Have posted this before but don't forget to give your Renault its yearly engine oil change. These 3 are here to help - sorry its an XM. Hope everyone has a peaceful Xmas
  5. what are you hoping to get for xmas

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    Me I hope I get a lay in :d kids keep asking me but cant think of anything so may end up with cash then see whats on sale in the new year Ron
  6. Santas Garden Xmas Lights 2014

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    A few phots of this years Santas Garden Xmas Lights we have had a good crowd in visiting again and look on target to raise another £500 for The Midlands Air Ambulance.check out the website and video at
  7. Santas Garden Xmas Lights video tour 2013.

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    Santas Garden Xmas Lights Video Tour for all of you who cant make it to see our xmas lights.. web address check out the web address to see the video and 2013 pictures. We close down for this year on 2nd January but the web site is always open.. HAPPY NEW YEAR...
  8. merry xmas all

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    hope you all have a good time over the holiday Ron
  9. Santas Garden Xmas lights 2013..

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    Here are the Pic's of this years lights....:d:d
  10. Best Xmas Present When You Were Young

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    So come on what was your Xmas present that still stands out today that you got when you were young? I know I am showing my age here but mine was a Raleigh Budgie :d:d I loved that bike till the stabilizers fell off one day and I hurt me Knee :d:d
  11. xmas list

    Tools & equipment
    asked what i want for xmas and i think this will come in handy not just on cars Snake LED Inspection Tube Camera Ron
  12. Santas Garden Xmas Lights 2012

    Well guys and gals the 2012 Santas garden xmas lights are up and running for another year,we have a new web site if you wish to take a look,leave a comment or leave a donation to The Midlands Air Ambulance....web xmas and happy viewing..:d:d:d
  13. RenaultForum Xmas party.....

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    Hey Guys I havn't received my invitation to the RenaultForum Xmas party!! When and where is it being held this year? :cool:
  14. Hi there hope you all had a great Xmas

    My seatbelt warning light and tone have stopped working they were working no probs now there not any ideas
  15. Merry Xmas to all at Renault Forums

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    Merry Xmas to all at Renault Forums Best wishes for xmas and 2012 Excavator and Family.:cheers::cheers:
  16. Santa's Garden Xmas lights.

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    Sorry we are late guys and gals but we got there in the end...web site is this will direct you to the new web site with more pic's ..cheers EX.
  17. Hello all ,happy Xmas to

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Weve just bought an espace 2.2dci all seems ok then I read forum and think have I done the right thing , does anyone have anything good to say about it?mines great ! Lol
  18. Help Finding An Old Xmas Thread

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    Hi Guys, Wonder if you could help me finding a thread?ive looked but for life of me i can't find it:o It was a link to an online talking Santa for kids about there wish list? it was good wee app but i can't find it? Can anyone remember it? Cheers Don
  19. Merry Xmas everyone...

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    To all RF members, have a very Happy and safe Xmas. Please don't be a statistic, the following video is very graphic and thought provoking.....
  20. Top Gear Xmas Specials

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    Hi All, Just thought i would let you know.... if you don't already know? that the New Top Gear is on over Xmas Break, Tuesday 21st Dec BBC 2 8pm They drive the new Merc SLS AMG,Porsche 911 GT3 RS and the Ferrari 458 Italia along America's East Coast in a bid to crown Worlds Best Sports car...