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    Hi Guys .. I just "Aquired" a Laguna 2 V6 Auto (52 Plate) for VERY SILLY MONEY!!!!! Its got a few "Faults" (Obviously) & I'll stick em up in the relevent section. Talk Soon Keith
  2. Cycling Club
    To follow on from the show us yer mountain bike:d Just got this today:d:d:d Done 20 miles on it so far seems very good
  3. General Chat
    Don't you just hate this weather! :eek: Reckon I could re-salt the roads of West Berkshire with the amount I've collected!
  4. General Chat
    Bought a set of those LED downlighters from Woolies earlier for £3.99 I quite fancied under cabinet ligting in the kitchen, but I'm not doing any wiring! Anyway, being a bit bored tonight I thought I'd stick them under the cabinets and have a look. They are great! The pic below doesn't do...
  5. Photography Club
    I know there are a lot of photographers on the forum, looking at the competition threads (which I sadly have no material to compete in, due to a lack of being bothered to actually get out with the camera) but I thought it would be interesting to see what kind of kit we're all using. I've also...