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  1. meg 1 1.9dci yreg

    anyone know the correct battery for this model. amps size etc...the one on at the moment sits too tall it looks like a large lorry/tractor exide 1....but charge ind ion top s green for good:d numpty before has broken the plastic flap off where it sits as its a big mother.:eek:
  2. Wiring for radio on Megane 1 (y-reg 1.6 Dynamique)

    Hi all, got a fairly specific question regarding the Radio wiring for my Megane. I bought it this year without a radio fitted, figuring I'd fit one myself when I could. Unfortunatly have had problems with adaptors for the wiring to aftermarket stereos. There is the usual aerial cable, a...
  3. Clio 2 2001 Yreg- 1.9d - Location of pollen filter???

    Heating & cooling
    Hi there, I'm on my second Clio and ready to get my hands dirty and do a few bits myself :d but its not easy . . . .The Haynes manual is saying the pollen filter is on the right hand side of the engine bay under the windscreen scuttle . . . .its not there :confused: Anyone out there that...
  4. Clio 2 2001 Yreg- 1.9d Deactivate pretensioner system to change a bulb?!

    Hello again :crazy: I have a bulb out behind the heater controls above the centre console and thought I'd change it :) Only to find that I had to remove the centre console (not a problem) but to do this Haynes recommend deactivating the pretensioner system. Now, I've checked, and this little...
  5. Clio 2 2001 Yreg- 1.9d Air filter 'glued' down????

    Hi there, I've just attempted to change the air filter on my Clio only to find the case is stuck solid:crazy: I cant see any reason for this and before I get a knife out and prise the damn thing off I wondered if anyone else had come across this?:( btw I did remove all visible screws :p:p but...
  6. 2001 megane dci yreg

    did the above car have soundproofer fitted to bonnet underside when new .not engine cover u know what I mean anyone know..................... ta.
  7. help megane 1 yreg newer front

    In-car entertainment
    ipurchased a radiosat 6010 from a megane with cd changer controls and on car wire fittings theres a yellow wire with conn with no where to plug it in.also there another yellow and a red with spade types hard plastic coated. and a black block with 2 segments on. I believe ive bought the wrong...
  8. Best k&n induction kit for clio y-reg

    hello i have a ren' clio mk2 y reg (2001) with a 1.4 16v engine. i hav been looking at info before i but a k&n induction kit as i need new airfilter anyway and some of the hose that takes the air to box is split and renault want £75 for all new air filter box housing,hose,standard air filter so...
  9. renault clio Yreg 1.2 16v 'missfire on cylinder 1' 80k miles

    Hey guys , Just had my clio ran through a machine and I got 2 errors 1. Missfire on cylinder 1 2. Something to do with the emmisions being too high ( maybe something to do with the misfire) It really struggles and is making some strnge noises , I was curious to know the possible causes I took...
  10. Yreg Clio Liberte Question

    Cars & motoring
    This will probably be a strange question, but i can find any information on my car anywhere... Ive just got a Renault Clio 1,1 Liberte Y reg.... i cant find any info on the Engine... google keeps saying that a mk2 starts from 1.2 ?, Cant find no pictures of the engine.. as im thinking its...
  11. Y-reg Renault Clio - Fog light on dash under braking

    hi all , i have a Y reg clio , when you put your foot on the foot brake the fog light on the dash comes on , it also happens when you put the hazards on , anyone got a idea what call caurse this , cheers
  12. megane 1.4 16v (yreg) crankshaft pulley

    does anyone know if there should be a locking key in the crankshaft pulley fitted a new timing belt and the sprocket seems to be slipping round the crankshaft also were are the the timing marks bottom casing is missing. steve :confused:
  13. Y-reg Espace transponder key problem

    Hello, I have a Y-reg Renault Espace Expression Auto Estate (year 2000). Both keys are now no longer working (the plip button does not activate the central locking). The local dealer (Tates) is adamant that this key is not replaceable and cannot help. There is only a lock on the passenger side...
  14. Renault Clio 2 - 1.4 16 Valve EML Illuminated*FIXED*

    Hi all, I require your assistance again. I have a Y reg (2001) Clio 1.4 16v with the k4j engine and when driving home from today a warning light came on. The owners handbook says is the warning light for monitoring exhaust gas. Its the symbol that illuminates orange that looks like a enginge...
  15. Door lock problem on Renault Laguna 2 Yreg

    Hi, I have a problem with my door lock; The remote locks all doos but not the driver side door. It can be opened even when all the other doors are locked. Also does this problem drain the battery. Any help/suggestions would be very appreciated. Thanks Akarsh
  16. Y-reg Renault Clio 1.2 16v ignition coil(s?)

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I broke down friday night - the engine wouldn't start and when it did it ran awefully and struggled accelerate and the toxic fumes warning light for the exhaust came on and was flashing, then it died completely and the engine wouldn't start. So i...
  17. Y-reg Clio 5-door rear door internal trim removal - help please!

    Cars & motoring
    Hi there guys & gals, have been out inspecting/quoting for a job I will be working on this coming Sunday. It is removing a dent on the near-side-rear door of a Clio. The internal trim panel needs to be removed to gain access to the large dent, and although I could see 2 screws (one for the...
  18. Removing the rear seats from a Y-Reg Scenic, is it possible?

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, I didn't get a manual with my 2nd hand Scenic but someone at work (no longer here) reckoned you could completely remove the rear seats of a Scenc. A clip out clip in affair. Is possible? It does have plenty of room in the boot but only being able to fold the middle seat down seems a little...
  19. Y-reg 1.9 dci Scenic - lack of power and black smoke?!?!?

    Hi I have had a problem with my scenic losing power and the glow plug lamp coming on afetr accelerating hard especially at speed, afetr several trips to the garage and a diesel engine specialist they determined that the turbo hadn't been seated properly and had been off before sometime. Anyhoo...