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A few months ago i bought an 08 Clio 1.5 dci 86 dymanique with the double panoramic sunroof.

Unfortunatly the sunroof has never worked. I have tried the master reset thing i read somewhere

on this forum but still completely dead, there is not even any noise from the motor when u turn

the open / close dial.

Can anybody help me and let me know if the sunroof problem could be a fuse , if so what fuse

should i be checking or is it on a relay or similar. Also can anybody tell me where the sunroof

motor is actually located and is it a part that is known to fail. If so could this be an easy fix or

is it to much trouble to start playing about with.

Any help gratefully appreciated.


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there is another fusebox, by the drivers steering wheel area..

A blue fuse, 15 amp ( only blue fuse fitted) Sunroof control,
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