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Alright folks,

What mark is a 2002 clio 1.2 16v qs5? I've search on the web and it says everything from a mark 2 phase 2 to a mk3?

I have a problem with idle and driving at low revs, feels like a tuned car with a lumpy cam when idling in neutral or first, over 50/60 mph drives fine.

From looking at previous posts i think it's a problem with the idle control valve, I was told it's in the inlet manifold but I can't find it, can anyone advise how to get to it, as I want to try cleaning it before I buy a replacement.

Also see where the loom comes through the bulk head just at the rear top of the engine, there is a square block of steel that the loom passes through, I lifted one side and can see that it has worn the plastic coating off the wires, exposing the bare wires, does anyone know how this comes off?

Any help on any of my questions would be much appreciated.


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