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Please help me - before I tear all of my hair out.

I recently replaced the battery on my girlfriends 1997 Renault Clio 1997 1.2. However, I had to leave the battery disconnected for a couple of weeks while I sourced a battery clamp, and therefore there was no power going to the car, or the immobiliser).

I finally managed to reconnect the battery today, and the electrics are all working - immobiliser light is flashing, radio comes on when you turn the key once etc.

The problem is that the key no longer seems to be deactivating the immobiliser, I have tried a million times. It was never great, as I suffer from the leaky sunroof problem, however if you persevered it usually worked after 9 or 10 attempts. I must have tried 1,000 times and it is not working - I have also taken the immobiliser sensor out and dried it etc as the advice in the forums suggest.

Is it possible that I have somehow managed to reset my immobiliser by disconnecting the battery for so long? If so, how do I reconnect it.

Or is it just a re-occurence of the leaky sunroof problem, and if so what is the best way to cure.

I have read through all of the advice in the forums relating to immobilisers, but cannot find anything to suit my specific problem.



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