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Hi all

I have a 52 plate Clio 1.5 dci (100bhp) which runs for the time being, but I'm experiencing problems when you try to accelerate hard, or labour the engine and give it some throttle, a combination of the stop light, the Engine light and an amber coil light illuminate on the dash board and flash until either you remove the throttle, or if you push through, the engine picks up enough revs so that it's no longer labouring.

I have checked the ECU with a laptop and have no DTCs. Even when driving and monitoring the ECU status with the stop lights flashing on the dash, nothing is logged in the ECU.

I've read similar topics to this on here, and they suggest it is a faulty turbo. Is the turbo basically the common rail Delphi fuel pump? Or is there another turbo component somewhere, and can anyone tell me where it is located or even show me what it looks like?

I replaced the common rail fuel pump a few years back, so find it hard to believe it has gone again. Especially given the price of the things. Is it possible to fix the unit myself by replacing a few bearings or cleaning parts? I recall reading something about a sticky solenoid?

Also experiencing some trouble starting, gets going eventually, but sometimes have to prime the accelerator while turning over.

Any advice much appreciated.
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