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I would like to know if my 2004 Renault Kangoo, 1.6 16V (engine code: K4M-752) is safe to use with an aftermarket E85 conversion kit?
Kit I am talking about is this "eFlexFuel" box that goes between fuel injector wiring and it will modify the injection signals in such way that the engine runs better on ethanol.
It can also sense temperature, and adjust accordingly if it is cold weather.
There will also be an ethanol sensor installed to return fuel line.
A smartphone app can read various information, including the current ethanol to petrol ratio in %, via bluetooth.
The conversion kit is this one:
I was thinking about the fuel system, hoses and pump, that do they work ok with ethanol?
I have been refueling E10 fuel for years now, and that has worked OK so far.
I want to make sure I won't ruin my precious car :)

I am new to the forum, if there is better place to ask this, please let me know!

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Have an K4M-834 1.6 16V HI-FLEX 2008 or 2009馃. The only thing i know for factory flex-fuel like mine is they recommend changing the fuel pump every 65000 km but i never had any problem for over 200000 km (original pump) But i do drive on petrol randomly.

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