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ChipEx is pleased to offer a 15% discount to all Renault Forum Members on the ChipEx DIY Stone Chip Repair System which can be redeemed using the following discount code:


Chipex Stone Chip Repair System

The revolutionary and easy-to-use alternative to touch-up sticks or expensive ‘smart repairs’.

Created in conjuction with leading bodyshops, this uniquely formulated system repairs stone-chips unlike any other paint repair product on the market.

- Computer matched paint ensures perfect colour results
- Fast and simple process
- Everything you need in one box
- Enough materials for multiple applications
- No touch-up sticks, so no unsightly paint blobs
- Huge saving on body-shop or ‘smart repair’ costs
- Enhances vehicle resale value

Developed with the aid of a leading industrial chemist, ChipEx brings high-quality stone-chip repair within the reach of every vehicle owner.
The results are amazing and with thousands of satisfied ChipEx customers on the road, you’ll be in good company. Just see what they say about us!


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An update for anyone considering buying the ChipEx system from a Spanish BMW forum member who got a kit and wrote back after using it.

How are you doing? Today It was a holiday day here in Spain, so I got some time to work on the car in the morning. I cleaned the car beforehand. I followed instructions and I have to say I'm pretty amazed with my first results. The small stone chips are all gone, I couldn't even take them on picture after working on them. The medium ones are very hard to spot, you need to know they are there and still impossible to get on a picture. So I thought, well I have to try on something bigger. I got a couple of ugly scratches this month while my car was parked, too common here in Madrid. So I put CHIPEX to the test. I'm sending you some pictures attached with results (high quality versions), so you can see them yourself. I couldn't get the car under the sun light today, it was quite cloudy. But next day I will take pictures outdoors to see differences.

I have to say that from my point of view the camera doesn't show results right. Picture after retouching using flash, so too many marks, from half meter away I can not see I touched up any scratch there. So I'm very happy with it. My girlfriend agrees with me on this.

His before and after images are attached.


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