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Just wondering, i have a Renault Clio Mk2 Ph2 and there's a mk1(?) Mégane at my workplace which is being scrapped soon, just wondering, as it also has 185/60r15 tyres on it and mine are 185/55r15, if i stripped the tyres off and fitted it with the same size tyres as the clio, would the rim itself fit on a mk2 ph2 Clio? Just so i can get the original set refurbished and maybe have one set for winters and another for summer, I'm also tempted to test fit them (as i have stripped one due to it having a spare wheel currently fitted) so i can fit the 55 instead of the 60 and have a slightly different look to the Clio, if it doesn't fit, i suppose i can always look for another scrap Clio to fit some off that
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