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I have a 1.2 Clio Biarritz (R reg - 1997) as far as i know it is not fuel injection.
The car can either suddenly cut-out and all the lights on the dashboard will come on or it won't start, the engine turnsover but will not fire. I've had it when it's cut out and won't start and cut out but start again as soon as I turn the key.
It has mainly cut out after I have been out in it, it can either be driving long distances for long periods of or the odd short journey.

I have been given many different reasons for this problem including the immobiliser activating when it's wet, but it has been worse when it has been dry for days than raining every day.

I've been told the spark plugs were the problem but I have replaced them.

I've also read that it could be moisture on certain leads, but I have sorted that and still no improvement.
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