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I'm planning on changing the cambelt,water pump and aux belt on my megane.
I have seen i need the locking kit but i notice there are 2 available, one is for the ide engine but mine is the earlier one, would both fit?
Also are there any other specalist tools i would need? Any other hints and tips would be useful too for fitting/replacing the cambelt etc! Many thanks Alex

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Hi Alex.

I don't think the IDE locking kit is suitable for your F4R engine.

The only thing you need to be clear about is the lack of any mechanical keying of the crankshaft drive sprocket - the only thing stopping the sprocket from turning freely on the crankshaft is the clamping force exerted by the pulley securing bolt. There are no conventional timing marks on this engine - that's what the tools are for.

Be very careful to avoid finding a 'false' setting position when inserting the crankshaft locking pin. The pin locates in a slot machined into one of the crank webs, but there is a balance hole drilled very close to this slot, making it easy for the pin to slip into by mistake. You need to bring the crankshaft carefully to TDC on cyls 1 &4 (use a long rod down a spark plug hole), then turn it 'backwards' 2 or 3 degrees. Insert the timing pin and keep gentle pressure on it whilst turning the crank forwards again to TDC. You will then feel the pin slip home in the correct timing slot.

Under no circumstances use the crankshaft locking pin to restrain the crank when undoing (or fully tightening) the pulley bolt. The pin can be used for the initial torquing of the bolt, but must be removed when doing the final angle tightening. Use a screwdriver wedged in the starter ring gear to hold the crank.

Read up on getting the tensioner adjusted correctly - this will affect the timing to some extent.

Use a new pulley securing bolt - usually provided in the timing belt kit (don't be tempted to replace just the belt - the plastic idler rollers have been known to disintegrate!!)

Access is a bit tight to say the least! A good selection of spanners - including deep offset rings will be required to get at all the timing cover bolts.
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